Thoughts on mobile blogging

Thursday, June 28. 2007

During the last days i've learned some lessons on mobile blogging. First of all the inevitability of using an efficient input method. During the southside festival I didn't know how to configure the T9 input of my mobile to English, that issue made it very complicated to write longer entries. Meanwhile I can type in a at least decent speed. I consider such mobile entries as a gimmick, though. It's a nice to have feature to send picture impressions instantly to the web, but it's almost impossible to set links, and write longer entries. I will use mobile entries in the future to keep my blog more vivid. The part weeks i didn't find too much time to reflect on my activities via blogging - I think this will not change within the near future. Some mobile impressions might make up for this.

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Moblog set up!

Tuesday, June 19. 2007

In preparation for my visit to the Southside Festival I've added a new feature to my blog. Using serendipity's popfetcher-plugin and the O2-MMS-to-E-Mail feature I'm now able to send blog postings directly from my Sony-Ericsson mobile!

With this feature I'll be able to blog my experiences live from the festival! Those entries will be filed under the newly added category "mobile". I'm currently struggeling a little bit with the parsing script, which allows me to post only the picture attachement, and now text.. But I'm faithful that I'll get that thing fully running until Friday :-)

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