Notebook memories

Thursday, September 25. 2008

Back in 2001 I had this brilliant idea where to get a new notebook: built to order by the growing pc manufacturer Gericom (as you see I have always had a favor for Austrians..). I chose a quite portable model, the brand new Gericom Genio, which should be available any day at that time. Weighing less than 3kg and equipped with a Pentium 3 mobile with 800Mhz and 256MB of RAM, a 20GB Hdd and a 14,1” Display it was top edge at that time. I was willing to pay over 4000 DM for this computer (far less than a Toshiba or IBM computer would have cost me – but still a lot of money for a computer). But it went as bad as it could – I had to wait 8 weeks and the advertised IrdA and LAN ports were not available. Unluckily I was not wise enough to just send the long awaited computer back. The not connected LAN port should have been enough reason to do this (obviously Gericom did not manage to equip the computer with a suitable mini-networking card). Anyway. After acquiring the missing features via PCMCIA and USB I’ve had my happily ever after with this notebook. At the moment it still rests in one of my book shelves. If you are interested in buying it, I would be happy to offer it to you as a bargain!

So why am I writing about this topic now? I’ll explain in my one of my next posts.

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Holidays are coming

Sunday, December 10. 2006

... well, not for me, seems like I got quite some work during the next weeks. But from time to time I remember some quiet Christmas holidays:

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Rainbow the Stars

Tuesday, December 5. 2006

That somewhere over the rainbow song inspired me to search for another old Eurodance song. I was reminded to Dune's "Rainbow to the stars". I'll post it here as a memory to the time, when I had to rewind tape of my video recorder to watch music videos.. I was a big fan of Dune those days. Now there is a lot of VHS tapes at my parents home and we don't have a working recorder anymore.. Bad luck.. I'll probably catch on posting songs with memories catching up on "Stars" tomorrow.

Original 1994 Version:

2003 Remake (less rave-beats):

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Old times with

Friday, November 24. 2006

Today I found a quite old video about a project of - I thought I'd share it with you!

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Wednesday Night – I feel the air is getting hot

Thursday, October 26. 2006

Yesterday I got so reminded to my youth! Only Whigfield’s tune “Saturday Night” was missing to reproduce the mood of my first dancing course.. I’m learning dancing once more! When Katrin asked me, whether I would take that course with her it didn’t take me long to decide – I really need an update for my rusty dancing knowledge – and who could resist the offer of sweet Katrin?

So for the next Wednesdays the basics of all kind of standard dances will become our best friends. Yesterday worked quite well for me – and we had a lot of fun. But who knows whether my lead will be sufficient if the figures get more complicated than just the basic steps… I’ll keep you updated!

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Nuts on ice

Monday, August 21. 2006

Once up on a time, there was a little student who was very active in working for the students’ council representatives, but then he had some disputes with his friends, and was no longer supported by his group. So it was decided to start a new group.

This is no fairy tale, but the background why Philipp an I had founded NUTS (NUTS is an acronym for “Neues Unabhängiges Team für Studierende” – which translates “New independent team for students”) back in 2003. Asking a few friends for their participation we managed to set up a list with six people running for the elections. And our Team was successful – we managed to gain the targeted seat at the Fachschaft SoWi. Unluckily we couldn't keep up our efforts, and after one and a half year NUTS was no longer needed.

So was the the web-page, and consequently I abandoned the related domain. But I archived the old Web-Site (formerly here.

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naggerd für den weltfrieden - Bamberger Meme

Sunday, August 13. 2006

I don't have a clue who had the idea for this meme, but somehow we decided that it would be cute to post articles about us from out school-graduation magazines.. Scotti had the guts to start, and I won't be a shy, too - so here you go with the main text of the article (don't want your RSS-readers to run empty) - but don't miss to have a look at the .pdf document!

Am 29.01.1979 erblickte er die Power LED des Lebens. Seine ersten Worte waren Floppy und autoexec.bat und so war seine unbeschwerte Kindheit, die er auf einem Bauernhof in Truppach (Oberfranken/Deutschland) verlebte. Diese periphere Site eigenete aufgrund ihrer exponierten Lage ausgezeichnet für hochsommerliche Wasserschlachten. Bei denen sich mindeseten 10 Leute mit großkalibrigen Super-Soakern ihr Möglichstes taten sich bis auf die Haut zu durchnässen. Danke, daß du den Heuboden für uns geopfert hast - trief...
Aber bereits in diesen Tagen zeichnete sich seine spätere Vorliebe für Computer und Kommunikation ab.
Mit zunehmendem Alter vertiefte er sich weiter in die Philosophie des Computers. Das bisher größte Desaster (für seine Eltern) war und ist der Neuerwerb eines Modems. Trotz der Telefonrechnungen von lim->ex² DM und der Tatsache, dass ihn sein früherer Internet-Provider wegen Verdachts auf kommerzielle Nutzung des Internets (800Mb/Monat) zwangskündigte, sollte man nicht meinen, dass er nur noch der Chat Sucht verfallen sei: "... ich penn' nachmittags, so ab 11 bin ich dann online ...".
Um seinen Realitätsbedarf zu befriedigen geschah es eines Tages, dass unser Jürgen seinen Führerschein ausgehändigt bekam. Sein giftgrüner, fünftürer Corsa (mancher EnglischKüfner - äh - Lehrer fragt sich immer noch wieso es Schüler gibt, die ein neues Auto haben und er nicht). Sollte fortan das Parkverhalten am GMG entscheidend beeinflussen - als begnadeter Autofahrer, ließ er keine Stoßstange unberührt.
Nichts für ungut und viel Spaß bei Deiner Standleitung (äh, zum Internet natürlich), Deinem Informatikstudium und Deinem neuen Internetprovider wünschen Dir:
Markus, Serkan, Andi und all die Anderen die Dich kennen.

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Summershine Vol. 1– Jay’s Summer Hits

Tuesday, August 1. 2006

Summer in MalaysiaIn 1998 just some weeks before I went into my final grammar school exams I compiled a few songs to my personal Summershine compilation. This CD was a very good companion through the last years, when I was searching for some summer songs. Right now I’m about to compile a second volume with more and newer summer related songs. But since we have youtube these days I’ve added available video links to my original track list. Hope you like it!

Playahitty – The Summer is magic
Pearl – Summer Holiday
Scooter – Endless Summer
Crème 21 – Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer (1996)
Joe Cocker – Summer in the city
Dario G – Sunchyme
Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
Fun Factory – Celebration
Captain Jack - Holiday
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet home Alabama
Mr. President – Coco Jambo
Dr. Motte ft. Westbam – Sunshine (Anthem Love parade 1997)
Aphrodisi – Sunshine
Alphaville – Forever Young
Scooter – I’m Raving
DJ Pierro – Another World
Fun Factory – Take your chance
3-O-Matic – Success

I still remember that a few songs including "3-O-Matic - Success" were taken from the compilation "Megahits 95 - Die Erste". "Success" and "Take your chance" were some of my favorites songs at this time - i used them to motivate myself for my exams. I still remember when I drove to my school before my first A-Level exam and listened to this two songs.. what a feeling. Guess you gotta be a friend of Eurodance to enjoy..

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