Coffee, Coffee, coffee

Thursday, December 10. 2009

Searching for info about a new bean to cup coffee maker stumbled upon, which is a weblog about coffee. Since I didn't post any memes recently I thought I'd answer the questions of the blogs Christmas prize draw here:

  • Does contemplativeness and coffee-to-go mix? Or would you rather drink coffee in the coffeehouse?
    For contemplativeness I'd rather enjoy a coffee at the coffeehouse - but since those seem to be so busy lately, I think the best way is to have a coffee at home, without any crowds.

  • Do you grant yourself some special coffee for christmas (with flavour or gourmet coffee)?
    Visting *bux or McCafe I might get something flavoured. But at home I don't fancy flavor too much.

  • Which coffee is your favorite (type/brand)?
    At the moment it is Grano de café. I'm not sure whether you can determine a roasting facility here. But you can get the coffee at Hofer in Austria - 3,29EUR for a whole Kilo of beans!

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Book meme

Thursday, March 6. 2008

I found a nice meme on Fox's blog today. I consider it really nice, because it is so easy to answer:

  • take the nearest book with at least 123 pages
  • go to page 123
  • find the 5th sentence on this page
  • oost the next 3 sentences
  • refer this meme to five other bloggers

Beispile hierfür sind SADT (StructuredAnalysis and Design Technique) [Balz82] und SA (Strukturierte Analyse). SA wird in Abschnitt 5.3.1 behandelt.
Ein IS wird in SA als Mengevon Datenflüssen definiert, die durch Aktivitäten transformiert werden.

Now guess which book I'm quoting from *g*

I want to refer this meme to the Grützekraftwerk (long time no blog..), Vroni (easy one for you), Mac (hope the book leaves room for new gossip ;-)), Anima and last but not least Philipp (

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bitte, gib mir nur ein wort

Tuesday, May 15. 2007

Some time ago paule sent me a meme to answer. The challenge is to open each question with only one word. I kinda translated the meme quite fast – so if you have comments feel free to utter.

Your mobile phone? S/O/N/Y
Your partner? -
Your hair? decent
Your mum? irreplaceable
Your dad? successful
Most loved Item? camera
Last nights dream? irrelevant
Favourite drink? carbonated water
Dream car? BMW M5
The room you are currently in? disorderly
Your ex? -
Your fear? unfounded
Where do you want to be in 10 years? happy
With whom did you spent the last evening? friends
What is it you are not? simple
The last thing you did? chatting
What do you wear? clothes
Favourite book? Snow crash
The last thing you did eat? breakfast
Your life? interesting
Your mood? relaxed
Your friends? helpful
What are you currently thinking about? applications
What are you doing at the moment? blogging
Your summer? hot
What is on the TV? irrelevant
When did you laugh the last time? T-5min
When did you cry the last time? long ago
School? Not a place to work
What are you currently listening to? soul
Favourite activity for weekends? friends
Favourite job? undecided
Your computer? old
Outside your window? noise
Beer? U
Mexican food? tasty
Winter? skiing
Religion? controversial
Holidays? sun
On your bed? clothes
Love? important

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Songs in 2006

Monday, January 1. 2007

I though it would be nice to gather the songs that I listened to most in 2006. I blogged about a few of them, and those articles are linked. The list is not exactly accurate, since I started using last-fm which helped to create it in March. The list is sorted from the least to the most listened.

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Questionnaire 2006

Sunday, December 31. 2006

I had this meme last year, and I thought it might be nice to answer it again. Last year it was dominated by issues during my stay in Malaysia. Guess this year it's a little less extraordinary.

  • Gained or lost weight? – Don't know, don't care - my friends still consider me skinny.
  • Hair – shorter or longer?Even longer than last year!
  • Short-sighted or far-sighted? – Applying to my eyesight everything still seems to be perfect.
  • Spent more or less than 2006? – Guess I've spent less than 2005 - but this was not difficult.
  • Most crazy plan in 2006?
    – Carrying out this party.
  • Most dangerous undertaking?Riding down the downhill slope in Laax after more than one beer.
  • The best Sex? – No comment on that issue.
  • Most expensive acquisition? – Didn't buy too much stuff. But the 620GB of external HDD space did cost a few bucks.
  • Most delicious meal?
    – I think I'll put the Sushi Katrin and I cooked for the running dinner!
  • Most impressive book? – Gabor Steingart - Weltkrieg um Wohlstand. Read my review here.
  • Most moving movie?
    – I laughed a lot watching "Thank you for smoking" but "Casino Royal" was definately the most thrilling movie last year.
  • Best CD? – Fußball WM 2006 Kult Hits
  • Best Concert? – I didn't visit many concerts during the last year, Audio1 probably might count as a nice concert - but nothing extraordinary here. But I've watched Depeche Mode's performance at Rock am Ring at the TV - it was great!
  • Spent the most time with...? – Not working on my diploma thesis.
  • Spent the best time with...? – Really hard to answer.. there are several candidate with whom I spent great times during the year. Seen over the whole year I'll put Katrin here.
  • Dominating feeling in 2006? – Optimism.
  • Did for the first time in 2006? – Visited the legendary 1st of May celebration in Ampferbach.
  • Did again after a long time?
  • Three things I could very well have done without? - This, the bad cold I caught in September and this.
  • Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody of? – Sometimes you can only make progress by risking something.
  • The best present I gave to someone? - Time, when there was no time.
  • The best present I got from someone? – Hard to tell, probably one of my readers can add something here.
  • Nicest sentence that someone said to me? – "You are very important for me."
  • Nicest sentence I said to someone? – Don't know.
  • 2006 in one word: – Roller coaster.

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Bamberg meme

Tuesday, November 14. 2006

A friend of mine created a meme about the town I’m living in for about 7 years now. It has been answered by a lot of blogger-friends, and here I go:

Why Bamberg?
Since I didn’t want to study business administration, but rather something related to computer science I ended up deciding that information systems would be a good choice. Bamberg seemed to be the perfect place and had no restricted admission for this course.

Did you ever regret your decision? Never!

Favorite bakery?
I really like the donuts (Krapfen) from the Fuchs-bakery – but I buy most of my bread at the Lidl supermarket..

Favorite doner kebab snack booth?
Pizza and more! (at the Lange Straße) – there is no better Döner in town!

Favorite brewery?
Mahr! A U!

Favorite store?
That Asia Shop at the Königstraße.

Favorite park?
Since I was living almost three years next to it I can only answer this question naming the beautiful Hain.

Favorite place? – guess where it is!

Favorite library?
TB5 has a beautiful view – TB4 is really Modern, TB1 has an overwhelming ambience. But I still prefer TB3 – thinking about the hours I was learning there it feels a bit like home.

Favorite building of the university?
Although there are a lot of great buildings downtown BA – “university” still means Feki for me. So I’m naming the main Feki building here.

Students of which course are your favorite?
I don’t think I can answer this question. I think I could find aspects for almost every course. Like - my Information system fellows for being geek like me.

Given free choice - where would you like to live in Bamberg?
I’d move back to the Obere Mühlbrücke or into the vicinity – Your downtown pretty fast, and you are at the Hain instantly!

Which aspect of Bamberg do you absolutely dislike?
Petty bourgeois attitude of some of the native people.

What do you like most about Bamberg?
The comfortable size - although I cursed the relative small size mor than once (seems like everybody knows everybody) there is everything you need to live and it is very comfortable to reach. If I'd have something to suggest to improve: Get us a place, where you can get food 24/7! (and a short political statement: down with the store closing laws!!)

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Meme – I Blogger

Sunday, July 30. 2006

I saw this meme a view days ago, and wondered how long it would take to hit me. On Friday Jan got hit and used paule to bring this meme into the blogosphere of Bamberg.

Why are you blogging?
I discovered blogging as a nice tool for self-expression. Initially it was only a tool to keep contact to my friends and family while I was staying abroad but in the meantime it developed to a nice toy which I like to sue to write down my thoughts.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in March 2005 in preparation for my internship with Siemens in Malaysia.

Why are people reading your blog(s)?
Probably because they are interested in the matters I’m writing about. But honestly – I’m not sure.

What was the last search result, which got someone visiting your site?
My service column on the right shows the Last Google Searches! But since there is an internet beyond Google, I’ll give you the last Yahoo search: “sgh-x820 language pack german”

Which of your posts did wrongfully not get the necessary attention?
There is one post that immediately comes into my mind.. I wrote a long post about my thought to the world youth day 2005 – and didn’t get a single comment on it (at least now it has its first trackback ;-)). But since this is the chance to promote such an article: READ IT!

What is your favorite Blog?
Actually I didn’t know that I should have one.. I'll think about it.

Name that last Blog you have read.
It was Steffanie Müller’s Blog. I didn’t want to translate this meme, and searched for an English version – I didn’t find one, but I found Steffanie’s Blog. Most of her articles are in Swedish, though – but from time to time she also blogs in German and English.

To which blogs do you want to forward this meme and why?
To Steffanie from Sweden - expecting to see some new German content in her Blog. (Hi Steffanie, the questions for this meme are available in German here.)
To Josh – since I didn’t contribute to his blog for quite a while
To Obelisk Dee - since she always likes distractions from her studies
To the Grützekraftwerk, since I’m really interested in getting this questions answered by Reaktorsicherhet and Supergau!
And last but not least to Feeodora and Deathslayer because I expect some deep insights about them...

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Soccer Meme

Wednesday, July 12. 2006

I found a nice Meme about the worldcup here. So I'll just grab it, and throw it to a few of my blogger friends: paule, Simon, Sabine, Flo and Flo&Christine.

Your Best worldcup experience? Celebrating the whole night after the match between Sweden and Germany / The stay at the flat

The best match? Germany vs. Argentina - I'll never forget the penalty shooting.

You're favorite chant? Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!

Most beatiful jersey? Although I like black and white, I really liked the jersey of Ecuador

Champion of the hearts? GERMANY!!!

Best beer during the worldcup? I had a lot of Bayreuther Aktienbrauerei "Zwickl" - a great beer.

Most favorite player? MIRO KLOSE - FUßBALLGOTT! - No Just kidding, my favorite is David Odonkor.

Best moment on TV? Jens Lehmann winning the match agains Argentina by killing Cambiasso's penalty

Worst moment on TV? When Italy scored the second goal during the semi-final.

Did you enjoy it? Jepp!

And now? Are you up for more soccer? Well... I will watch some matches from time to time, but not more or less than before.

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