Efficient access to mp3 library

Thursday, March 6. 2008

Since all Media players I’ve tested so far lack the feature of an efficient indexing tool I stick to the Google Desktop search to find certain titles. It is limited to an only text based search and the result’s appearance is kind of limited (viewed like a standard Google search result set) but it does the trick. Since I’ve got a browser window open at all times, anyway it is just damn fast. Ctrl-Ctrl to pop up the search mask and sometimes an additional “filetype:mp3” after the search terms gets my a result set onto the monitor within a second! Searching for an unambiguous term you won’t even need the browser window, but can send the file directly to your media player. Well, sometimes a nice graphical user interface would be preferable, but the waiting times which come with those are unjustifiable.

How to keep Winamp's memory usage slim

Tuesday, March 4. 2008

Lately Winamp has really been giving me the creeps – additional of not being able to handle my media library in a efficiently way, it wouldn’t just load to play a single mp3 track, but would also load the whole library using up to 400MB if memory space and taking quite a while. It took me a while to figure out that it is not only necessary to select "Do not load the Media Library database at Winamp start-up" under "Options>Preferences>Media Library>Local Media>Options" but also to disable "Use library title information for Playlist Item Formatting". Amending this changes Winamp "only" uses up about 50MB of memory after start-up and is way faster.

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