Gaps in your song database?

Sunday, April 13. 2008

Guess you know that problem, you are searching for a certain song, but it just won't show up in your song database. You are too lazy to fire up Napster, or Napster doesn't lost the song at all. Or you are on the road, and you don't have access to your library at all. Under those circumstances Seeqpod might be of use for you. It is a slim music crawler, which searches all kind of different ressources of the Web for songs. It even works with the Iphone or the Ipod-Touch.

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Efficient access to mp3 library

Thursday, March 6. 2008

Since all Media players I’ve tested so far lack the feature of an efficient indexing tool I stick to the Google Desktop search to find certain titles. It is limited to an only text based search and the result’s appearance is kind of limited (viewed like a standard Google search result set) but it does the trick. Since I’ve got a browser window open at all times, anyway it is just damn fast. Ctrl-Ctrl to pop up the search mask and sometimes an additional “filetype:mp3” after the search terms gets my a result set onto the monitor within a second! Searching for an unambiguous term you won’t even need the browser window, but can send the file directly to your media player. Well, sometimes a nice graphical user interface would be preferable, but the waiting times which come with those are unjustifiable.

On my playlist

Tuesday, July 31. 2007

Tomorrow I’ll have the honor to entertain the partycipate party crowd by playing some tracks for them. I’ll be DJing at the Haas Säle from 9pm to 11pm. At the moment I’m about to gather some music for this event. Again, I’m quite free about the style of music I will be playing - but of course it has to fit to the student main stream audience...

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German Hip-Hop Classics

Thursday, February 22. 2007

Due to a discussion with a friend via mail, initiated by the reference to the song “The Grosser” (initially performed by Steve Miller Band), which was covered recently by Fatboy Slim as “The Joker” and a few years earlier by Fettes Brot, I started to create a list of must have German Hip-Hop songs.

Since I’ve already mentioned a song by Fettes Brot there is another popular track played by this band from Northern Germany:

more songs from various Bands are:

Any additions?

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Monday, December 11. 2006

Seems like I'm mainly blogging songs from Youtube atm.. Thx to sweet Katha I re-discovered the following song from Tenacious D. - I didn't know the video before, but I really like it. (Tenacious D is very well known through his song "Fuck her gently" and Jack Black's Lord of the Rings Parody at the 2002 MTV Movie awards - Also have a look at his Spiderman Spoof.)

Continue reading "Tribute"

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Un' Estate Italiana

Wednesday, July 5. 2006

When Germany won the worldcup in 1990 Italy was host to the games and achieved the third place. This year it can be the other way around...

Edit 09.07.06: As predicted... Italy made it.

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How to follow the Worldcup without a TV

Tuesday, June 13. 2006

As most of you know, I don’t own a TV. This is absolutely no problem for me in general. If I wanted to watch a movie I’d just ask one of my friends for a DVD, or I’d go to the movies with friends. I always followed some brand new TV-Series from the U.S. via Bit-Torrent. But right now I’m a little pissed. I can’t sit here in my room and follow a soccer match! Well actually I can. Since there are P2P streaming services like Sopcast or TVAnts, I can watch a TV stream from Asia (CCTV5 rules!). But it will drive you crazy listening to the commentary longer than a few minutes.

Which gets me to the question – where is our German TV? Starting from the first of January next year they want me to pay TV-fees for my internet-capable computer! I absolutely don’t know what for. Would it be so difficult to set up a streaming platform for German TV?

But, well watching games home alone is boring anyway. So I will try to meet up with friends during the interesting games.

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Neighbour TV

Monday, June 5. 2006

Watching the Austrian music television “gotv” I had some interesting findings lately:

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