Pictures of Market Team’s Strategiewochenende in Bamberg

Monday, June 26. 2006

PartyA few weeks ago Julia had asked me to do some DJing at an internal Market Team party, since I was member of this student initiative for about 3 years, and we always had the best parties in Bamberg at that time, I could easily be convinced to do that job. The Party was real success.

Since I was on the road with a camera for the whole weekend I also have some picture coverage:

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Saturday, June 24. 2006

Yeah! Call it like that! Yesterday was an great elevation for my ego. DJing for an internal Market Team Party it was up to me to entertain a crowd of about 70 people. Somehow I found the right tunes :-) The mood was exuberant till the end! What an evening!

AND believe it, or believe it not - the song of the evening was not Sportfreunde Stiller's "'54, '74, '90, 2006", but Texas Lightning's "No no never"! Amazing.

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