Jay's curiosity quest

Saturday, October 27. 2007

The last weeks I got almost bombed by people reaching my site after doing a google search on "jay’s curiosity". I got curios about the origin of those search requests. I found, that there is some online computer game called MapleStory. This game has a quest called “Jay’s Curiosity”.

All people seeking for help with this quest should see the StrategyWiki on this issue. But as far as I could understand the information there, the quest can’t be completed, yet. Mapletip offers a walkthrough how to finish the quest.

Edit 29.10.: Since there is a continuous stream of people seeking for this information in my page, I've marked it sticky. I also want to encourage people to comment on this post about where to find further info on jay's quest!

Edit 07.11.: I'm tired of having this Maple Story picture on the top of my blog, so I'm canceling the sticky markup.

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