Sports – Part 3 – Jogging to Gaustadt

Wednesday, April 19. 2006

Since I wasn’t in the right mood yesterday I had my sporty activity postponed until today.. Back in Bamberg again there was plenty of possibilities to find a nice track. Now I’m glad to tell you how rejuvenating a cold shower can feel! Extraterrific! I really need to keep the training up to get back to my old shape. If I imagine, that I jogged 10km in an hour.. Still feels unbelievable. But let's see what I can write here in a few weeks. Yesterday I recieved a mail about activities of Partysan Bamberg - and I'm really looking forward for some activities with my friends there :-)

I was quite conservative and chose to run to Gaustadt. But I got lucky and found the right pace so I made it to jog 30minutes without a major stop! But after another 5 minutes I gave up and walked a lot of the remaining distance, since my feet didn’t feel that well. So the distance was about 6km, and my overall time 49 minutes.

Questions raised:

  • I wonder whether the Mainluststraße is the right location for SIPP?
  • How often is the floodgate in Gaustadt used? (This time I saw a small tourist boat passing through.)
  • How could I forget all those other questions, which I had on the way?

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Sports – Part 2 – Jogging Truppach

Saturday, April 15. 2006

During the last two days the bad rainy weather kept me from keeping up with my sport activities. But today it finally was good enough to carry on. So I had no choice but to carry on here in Truppach. But staying here I’m at the comfy situation to put on my black ski underwear against the cold weather. Guess I was a rather interesting picture for the neighbours dressed completely in black and grey.

Easter Well in TruppachI decided to jog to Plankenfels – one of the neighbouring villages, which is roughly 3km away. I took the way over the old road (which runs along a little hill) on the way there, and on the way back I took the country lane along the meadow. It took my 51minutes for the distance, and I had to take several short breaks again. I also was cautious because of the risk of blisters. Guess I’ll need a few more short runs, to train my feet to more resistance against those.

Questions raised:

  • Why is it so interesting to see someone jogging in a rural area?
  • Am I really unrecognizable in my grey and black outfit (incl. baseball cap)?

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Sports – Part 1 – Jogging reloaded

Tuesday, April 11. 2006

After watching a 1.80m and 130kg guy at MTVs “Make”, I honestly had to think about my personal physical fitness. Guess it isn’t that bad at all, since I didn’t have problems skiing last week. But you can ski a lot without efforts, if you are a little experienced. I stopped jogging, after I reached Malaysia about an year ago. I tried to start again there, but never really made it. It was just to hot, and then there was this haze-thing.. And I tell you it is no fun to jog through dirty air. So I couldn't keep it up, although I was quite enthusiastic. Back in Germany I was too busy in settling down again and then there was this cold unpleasant winter… Anyway. It’s April now and I really need to move my ass again. I will keep you up to date about my efforts here.

Stats for today:
I took the way to the channel, starting at the Regensburger Ring and jogging all the way down to the Münchner Ring bridge and back. My total time was 50 minutes, and I had to take several 90 seconds breaks to walk. The 2 pictures used to illustrate this article where made on my little excursion. I got to minor blisters at my feet, since I’m not used to my walking shoes anymore.

Questions raised:

  • Don’t woman realize, that there makeup might get spoiled, when they are under physical stress?
  • Are jogging fathers the better lovers? Or is it sexy to jog with a baby carriage?
  • Why do so many people need to drive their bike while walking there dog?

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