Review on Skiing in Tirol!

Sunday, January 15. 2006

I finally managed to get my pictures of my last holiday online, and I won’t keep a short review on the holiday from you.
This first paragraph was written on the coach to Tirol: I'm currently sitting inside the coach which will bring us to Imst (Austria) and try to get comfy with the English keyboard layout of my PDA keyboard. Didn't use this gadget for quite a while now. In Malaysia it was quite a companion on the road - but in Germany I'm carrying around my notebook anyway. Right now we had a short break at the Rasthof Holledau and we are about to plan tomorrow’s trip through the skiing area of ISCHGL!! Tim has checked the weather conditions for tomorrow, and the forecast is really promising - plenty of snow and sunshine!! So we are planning to use the long downhill slope to Samnaun, do some downhill skiing there and then return to Austrian soil to ride some of the more demanding slopes and to go for decent Apres Ski afterwards!

Day1 – Ischgl

Since I’ve already spent about 14 days of skiing in Ischgl, and it is the area, where I really learnt skiing some years out time there can be regarded a home game. Arriving on the slope the snow was great, temperature wasn’t too cold and the sun was shining bright. Although we had to get warm with skiing again (at least Martin and me, who didn’t have the chance to practice our skills this season yet) we chose a few demanding slopes for the beginning. But we didn’t go too fast on them. After spending the morning on the Austrian side of the skiing area, we went down the downhill run to Samnaun. We took our traditional way into the village, and this year there was plenty of snow – so I didn’t hurt my skiing equipment to much while skiing down on a parking lot ;-).

In the afternoon we gave a try to the Swiss part of the skiing area, and riding down on “wide red highways” was some fun, too.

We hit the bus on time to stow away our skiing equipment, and then made our way into “downtown Ischgl” to go for some Aprés Ski drinks. The “Trofana Alm” was already completely overcrowded, so we only could catch a place at the snow bar. We only had two hours to party there, but more wouldn’t have done any good (at least not for my wallet - one beer with 0,3l content was 4 EUR).

Day2 – Serfaus

Since the snow conditions were really bad here in 2005, we didn’t have a chance to explore this skiing area the previous year. So we were really anxious to explore the area. The skiing area is split into to main parts: Serfaus and Fiss/Ladis. In the morning we headed for the slopes of Serfaus, and decided to give Fiss/Ladis a try in the afternoon. Again the weather was clearly on our side and we had bright sunshine for the whole day. But in the morning not all of the slopes lay at the sun, so we headed for the sunny slopes first. We were really astonished how few people were skiing in Serfaus – we had some wide red highway slopes completely for ourselves. With great conditions we were speeding down the slopes a lot and were really busy in gathering kilometers on the ski runs. To reach the area of Fiss/Ladis we had to get back down to Serfaus, and I really got to admit, that the slope which led us down through a forest could be in any picture book.

Day3 – Hochzeiger

Tim playing around at the Hochzeiger
Our last day skiing came too fast. Since our coach planned to leave Tirol before hitting the big traffic jams, we only had time until 3pm to enjoy the weather and the slopes. But of course we managed to enjoy every minute.

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Tuesday, January 3. 2006

Yes, only 2 more days and I will be on my way to go skiing in Austria! This is my first holiday in 2006 and my first holiday since I've returned from Malaysia. I'm really looking forward for those three relaxing days with Tim and Maddin. Last year we had a lot of fun - and I hope this year will be the same. We will be starting with a bus to our target destination Imst in Austria at the 5th at 5pm. The next three days we will be skiing in Ischgl, Serfaus and at the Hochzeiger.

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