Wheat Pillow 2.0

Monday, January 8. 2007

Due to problems with my neck during the last days I though it would be a good idea to help my neck a little. So I took an offer from Tchibo and "upgraded my old wheat pillow to the next level. I now own the pictured neck/back electric pad.

Guess it isn't just an upgrade. For many occasions my old traditional wheat pillow will still be better - but i see it as a nice enhancement :-)

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Wheat Pillow

Saturday, June 3. 2006

Since I’m a rather lazy guy I don’t own a hot water bottle because in my opinion it is rather nerve-wracking to get that thing hot.. Heat the water and then fill it into the bottle without getting burned.. Than it’s to hot… You’ll need a nice cloth bag around, which could get you some laughter from your friends, if it looks like this. So I got myself a wheat pillow. It looks rather neutral, can be heated within two minutes in my microwave oven and is a good friend while having trouble with a stiff neck.

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Preferred cup

Thursday, April 20. 2006

Things out of my household: This amazing series will show you some of the items that accompany during my every day live, and you will get the background story about those items. Today I proudly present you my most favoured cup. It is a souvenir from a trip to Finnland, so the inscription on it is in Finnish, of course! “Mitä pahaa olen tehnyt kun minulla on TÄLLAINEN TYÖPAIKKA”. The reader who gets me the right translation for this sentence is invited for a chocolate cappuccino out of this cup at my place (depending on the time of day, he may also chose to have a beer).

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