1000 litle buggers 2007

Monday, August 6. 2007

1000 - Almost exactly this was the number of bales of hay I had to handle today and yesterday. At the moment I don't feel a lot like sitting in front of the computer, so you'll have to wait a little to see some pictures (Last year's pictures are linked here.). Since I handled each bale about two times the total amount of hay I lifted during the last two days should be about 25 tons. No need to visit a fitness centre...

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1000 little buggers

Saturday, July 15. 2006

bales of hayWell, roughly 1000. My mum expected about 500-600 bales of hay on our two remote meadows. Now there turned out to be roughly 1000 of them. It seems that some rain during the last weeks caused the gras to grow just a little more than usual. Anyway. I’m right now live-blogging from the meadow in fornt of our house and barn, and about half of the hay made it already up into the barn. Yeah!. That means there are only about 6 tons of hay left to get up there. At the end of the day I’ll definitely know what I have down – lifted about twelve tons of hay.

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"It’s only hay, hey hey!"

Tuesday, July 4. 2006

Hay harvestingThis part of Lee Major's great lyrics where my motto for last Sunday. I couldn’t join my Feki.de friends for a canoe-trip down the Wiesent. Since it is haymaking season and I had to help my parents at home handling bales of hay. Spending the afternoon outside carrying, throwing or handling these nice bales I was reminded to my childhood. Memories jumping down the hayloft into a huge haystack, or driving down our little hill with a chuck wagon ran through my mind.

IgelSpending the whole afternoon outside, I managed to generate some cat-content. Since this content is getting more and more popular. I’m proud to present you some pictures of our cats here.

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