Before and after

Friday, July 20. 2007

Since some of my friends are always curious about my haircut, I am fulfilling the demand of those readers and give you an update on my current haircut. Although some of you might be a little disappointed - although my long hair begins bugging me, I wasn't up to get rid of it. So you might not notice that big difference between before on the left, and after on the right.

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Monday, February 12. 2007

Finally, I managed to get my hair cut. It was grown far too much over the last weeks. Today after handing in my thesis I took care of this problem. Have a look at the two attached images to get your own impression.

Before After

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Jay vs. Jay

Friday, October 20. 2006

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Saturday, August 12. 2006

It’s a rather unspectacular event, but since I had before and after pictures while being at the haircutters in Malaysia I can very well bother you with such pictures back in Germany, too. Right before the participate party I made it to get my hair cut! My visit at the Live-Club was quite uncomfy since my hair was really long, and it was hot like hell there – so it was a really good decision to get rid of some of it.

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The weekend

Monday, April 18. 2005

Having a little time before lunchbreak, i'll give a short overview of my weekend. After posting from starbucks, i went to a haircutter. Here you can see me before and afterwards. I walked around a bit in the small shopping street and found a nice small department store, where i might buy some clothes for work (trousers for 10EUR and shirts for 10EUR, too).

The late afternoon i took some time to answer emails, and in the evening Dirk and i had some friends coming around. We finished the evening at some chinese dining place with really good chinese food.

On sunday i slept until noon. Dirk and I then got some nice salad to eat and visited Max afterwards at his condo, to relax there at the pool.

In the late afternoon I went for my first visit @ KL! We took the mono-rail (which is only MYR 2,30pp) and drove the KLCC. Walking the 5 minutes to the railway-station we barely didn't make it to arrive there before the afternoon rain set in. The rain is really heavy and intense here. You can get completely soaked up within seconds after it starts. The rain consists of big rain drops. But since it's warm here all the time you at least have a chance to dry again.

KLCC is quite an impressive shopping mall. I think there are outlets from every designer that exists in the world there. Going there to shop with women might be really stressfull. We didn't pend much time inside KLCC and headed for the chinese market. Of course not without takin 1,2 or more pictures of the petronas twin towers. We took a beer on our way, and had a nice meal in a chinese restaurant, after shopping some faked goods.

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