Finally – expelled!

Saturday, July 14. 2007

graduationIt took some time to realize, but it was inevitable. Last week my beloved alma mater finally got rid of me - by granting me my second diploma. So you might want to call me “Herr Diplom-Handelslehrer” now ;-) (be invited to have a look at the image gallery from my graduation). But I’m not planning to work this profession. While studying I noticed, that teaching people IT contents is a interesting demanding challenge, but I definitely am not up to do this as an underpaid teacher in a school. The necessary additional probationary training period, which you have to go through if you want to teach in a school, is not acceptable in my opinion.

So it’s back to my roots! I’m glad that I never lost track of my IT background and even developed it. Since I consider myself an expert dealing with web 2.0 concepts and technologies I’ll try to get a job in this field. I hope I can present results of my efforts here, soon :-)

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