Nightwish – new vocalist confirmed

Thursday, May 24. 2007

She is from Sweden, ages 35 and is most gorgeous. No, I’m not writing about a new girlfriend today, but about the new lead singer of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. I wrote about rumours about the new lead singer before, but this time it is now rumour, but official. Anette Olzon is taking over Tarja Tutunen’s place. Read more about her at the official band home page. Now I’m really expectant about the new single, which will be out by tomorrow.

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Rumours about new vocalist for Nightwish

Friday, March 23. 2007

Nightwish has been searching for a new vocalist recently. Although the official announcement is not expected until May, there have been recent rumours that that the job will be taken by the Norwegian vocalist Vibeke Stene, who left her band Tristania a while ago. Gotta get hold of some Tristania records now :-)

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Zeltkerwa - Review on Friday with Audio-1

Saturday, September 2. 2006

Jessi from Audio-1Currently the sound check for today’s band at the Zeltkerwa in Truppach bugs me.. Yesterday my brother managed to convince me to stay at the Kerwa far longer than I initially planed – my hit and run tactic was undermined by his invitation to one or two drinks at the bar.. That gave me the chance to compile a quite impressive pictures series of Audio-1’s performance yesterday. I had about 500 images raw material and the best images made it online. The music of Audio 1 was very “dark” (which reminded me to International Pony’s song “Gothic Girl”), but I indeed enjoyed a few songs (especially their cover of Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark" – which is one of my favourite songs). I enjoyed The overall performance although some songs were not exactly my taste (German lyrics enclosed). Let’s hope that “Race” manages to attract a) a bigger audience and b) is a little nearer to the usual party mainstream.

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