Notebook memories

Thursday, September 25. 2008

Back in 2001 I had this brilliant idea where to get a new notebook: built to order by the growing pc manufacturer Gericom (as you see I have always had a favor for Austrians..). I chose a quite portable model, the brand new Gericom Genio, which should be available any day at that time. Weighing less than 3kg and equipped with a Pentium 3 mobile with 800Mhz and 256MB of RAM, a 20GB Hdd and a 14,1” Display it was top edge at that time. I was willing to pay over 4000 DM for this computer (far less than a Toshiba or IBM computer would have cost me – but still a lot of money for a computer). But it went as bad as it could – I had to wait 8 weeks and the advertised IrdA and LAN ports were not available. Unluckily I was not wise enough to just send the long awaited computer back. The not connected LAN port should have been enough reason to do this (obviously Gericom did not manage to equip the computer with a suitable mini-networking card). Anyway. After acquiring the missing features via PCMCIA and USB I’ve had my happily ever after with this notebook. At the moment it still rests in one of my book shelves. If you are interested in buying it, I would be happy to offer it to you as a bargain!

So why am I writing about this topic now? I’ll explain in my one of my next posts.

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