New toy – Canon Digital Ixus 850 IS

Wednesday, February 21. 2007

During the last years I shot quite a number of pictures. First I could use cameras from, two years ago, I got myself a DSLR camera to be able to get decent pictures while being abroad. I don’t regret spending so much money for a camera – it is fast and the picture quality is superb. There is only one little disadvantage with this camera- it’s the size: You can’t just put it in your back pocket.

But once you are used in operating a quite advanced camera you don’t want to give up the comforts. So I hesitated quite long before I bought a small digital camera. But then three weeks ago I borrowed the Ixus 800 had acquired. I immediately fell in love with this camera. It is fast and very handy. Sorting through the pictures at home I realized, that the picture quality was quit good. So I came into thinking… I didn’t have the chance to shoot photos at many occasions, because I was too lazy to carry the big DSLR cam. With a small cam I would never have that problem again. So my desire for a small cam grew.

Checking through cam prices, I realized, that the Ixus 800 IS, would cost around 300 EUR and the new Ixus 850 IS model (which is capable of a higher resolution) was available for around 360€. Luckily I noticed, that Amazon is selling stuff, which they get send back from people who don’t like it, for a lower price through their Resterampe-Shop. There I found a new Ixus 850 IS for less than 300 EUR. I couldn’t resist that offer and ordered the cam.

So now I will definitely be able to shoot more pictures ? But I guess I will have to do some restructuring at my image gallery..

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A weird night!

Saturday, October 28. 2006

Do you know these evenings/nights, when everything just won’t work like intended? I had one of them yesterday:

“Yes I’m really tired, too – probably better catch some decent sleep tonight instead of seeing each other.” With this rather rational argumentation I was looking forward for a calm evening and a long night with plenty of recovery. Later I resisted my friends who were about to convince me that a visit to “Drönland” a party with quite hard music would be a good place to have a beer or two! I decided that it would be better to save the necessary money – only have 30€ left for this month. Ok, I got to admit that I watched a movie and it was about 1am when I finally got to bed – but that’s a god time for me anyway. So I went into my bed some time after 1am. It didn’t take me too long to fall asleep. But at 2am suddenly my mobile phone tore me out of my dreams. An unknown number calling in the middle of the night?!? Having a closer look at the number I already got an SMS explaining everything “Cat you are being attacked!” – It was my Astrowars Buddy Matti informing me of an incoming attack within this text based online real time strategy game. So I went to the computer and ran right into our little online crisis conference. Another player of our alliance was also attacked by this Lithuanian alliance which has decided us to be the main target of their aggression! He had is defence already in place. Now, we were starting to calculate how I could win that battle – I was being attacked by one of the ten biggest fleets in that game! And I didn’t have too much production points which are needed to build defences saved. So I first had to use the last chance (If you really need some in-game money you may donate to the game creator, and you will win some in-game money) – so I did that until I had enough money to raise a decent defence. The only problem was that I needed the help of another alliance member to get the defences in place. So another member got a wake-up call in the middle of the night… I then got up at 7am and at 8:45am to check that everything went right and to build up my defence.

It worked!!! I got this guys fleet destroyed :-) Thx to everyone involved! And let’s hope for some more quiet nights!

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naggerd für den weltfrieden - Bamberger Meme

Sunday, August 13. 2006

I don't have a clue who had the idea for this meme, but somehow we decided that it would be cute to post articles about us from out school-graduation magazines.. Scotti had the guts to start, and I won't be a shy, too - so here you go with the main text of the article (don't want your RSS-readers to run empty) - but don't miss to have a look at the .pdf document!

Am 29.01.1979 erblickte er die Power LED des Lebens. Seine ersten Worte waren Floppy und autoexec.bat und so war seine unbeschwerte Kindheit, die er auf einem Bauernhof in Truppach (Oberfranken/Deutschland) verlebte. Diese periphere Site eigenete aufgrund ihrer exponierten Lage ausgezeichnet für hochsommerliche Wasserschlachten. Bei denen sich mindeseten 10 Leute mit großkalibrigen Super-Soakern ihr Möglichstes taten sich bis auf die Haut zu durchnässen. Danke, daß du den Heuboden für uns geopfert hast - trief...
Aber bereits in diesen Tagen zeichnete sich seine spätere Vorliebe für Computer und Kommunikation ab.
Mit zunehmendem Alter vertiefte er sich weiter in die Philosophie des Computers. Das bisher größte Desaster (für seine Eltern) war und ist der Neuerwerb eines Modems. Trotz der Telefonrechnungen von lim->ex² DM und der Tatsache, dass ihn sein früherer Internet-Provider wegen Verdachts auf kommerzielle Nutzung des Internets (800Mb/Monat) zwangskündigte, sollte man nicht meinen, dass er nur noch der Chat Sucht verfallen sei: "... ich penn' nachmittags, so ab 11 bin ich dann online ...".
Um seinen Realitätsbedarf zu befriedigen geschah es eines Tages, dass unser Jürgen seinen Führerschein ausgehändigt bekam. Sein giftgrüner, fünftürer Corsa (mancher EnglischKüfner - äh - Lehrer fragt sich immer noch wieso es Schüler gibt, die ein neues Auto haben und er nicht). Sollte fortan das Parkverhalten am GMG entscheidend beeinflussen - als begnadeter Autofahrer, ließ er keine Stoßstange unberührt.
Nichts für ungut und viel Spaß bei Deiner Standleitung (äh, zum Internet natürlich), Deinem Informatikstudium und Deinem neuen Internetprovider wünschen Dir:
Markus, Serkan, Andi und all die Anderen die Dich kennen.

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Publicons reloaded

Monday, March 6. 2006

PubliconsOK I already announced that I did something, which can be regarded as a classic „I should do something useful, so I better do something “useless””. At least for the focus, which should be writing a paper and prepare for an exam. So I used my time last week and designed a Publicon for I wrote about these geek icons before. Within the last weeks I saw that those Publicons grew more and more popular, quite a few people including my friend Anna included them to their Footer at the message board. And since I was fascinated of this small images I couldn’t resist in creating one for and sent it to the Publicons service. Now they got it included :-). Have a look at it yourself at it has been put under the last section “Einzelstücke”.

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Advices on blanking out the environment

Monday, March 6. 2006

Working with the internet there are always great temptations just to spend a little time off track und to do something which is not targeting your main goal. So I have advices, which were quite helpful for me so far:

  • Set Miranda/ICQ into DND-Mode and hide the Window – You will be stiell there, but you won’t get disturbed by blinking messages our sounds when certain persons change there online status
  • Log off at Google’s individual page - It is a real nice feature to have the most interesting feeds on the screen while searching for something. But it will also very much distract your attention from the really important problems.
  • Use a view moments to get a Winamp Playlist which will not tempt you to manually change the title every view minutes. Get some easy listening music into it. Don’t try to use the easy listening of some radio station… Even hourly news might kick you off track.
  • Blank out the windows taskbar – There are always things that can distract you from there. Even if its an open defrag program (you wouldn’t believe how much time you can spend viewing your computer moving files)
  • Outlook hast to be switched off. Even if you don’t automatically poll your mails every 10 minutes but in less frequent intervals. Just don’t do it. Deleting Junk-Mail also takes precious time..

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Are you geek? - Publicons

Sunday, January 22. 2006

Self espressionists find a new tool at the web, it is called Publicons, and it helps you to configure your private unit of this fancy small icons:


Only question is now, whether this fancy idea is pretty useless or a must have on every homepage and in every messageboard. I think it might be indeed quite nice to express some of your likings in your profile - but everything starting from your brand of computer to your political party?

Anyway, I like the small fancy icons :-) We will see how this trend develops.

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