Free books about Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, January 20. 2009

Just recieved the very interesting link to a collection of free publications covering topics about "Social Media Marketing". Some require registration at different pages, but might be worth the hassle. Any volunteers to download and compile an archive?

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All this free music!

Friday, January 25. 2008

This is a lucky week for all those music lovers out there. Using the promo code “c45972p” at the very first page of registration, you get the Napster music flat rate free for three month (for details see this article). The files you get through Napster are .wma files with a strict licensing – you are only allowed to play those files on three computers as long as you keep your Napster subscription. But on certain software tools allow to “hack” this protection, whether this is legal is another question.

Starting from yesterday opened its archives for public listening; now you can’t just get 30 second snippets of the songs, but full versions! The songs there are limited to three times of playback - if you want to listen to them more often, you got to buy them. But currently this protection is not too effective, since the files get stored in your browser cache upon playback. All you have to do is to search for the right file size (usually there are not too many files bigger than 3MB in your cache) and rename the files to mp3... I expect they will find a way to close this hole soon.

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Join "The Scene"

Tuesday, July 25. 2006

Through Mario’s Blog I found a nice series which might not only be interesting for absolute freaks. It shows the live of a release groups which “helps you” being able to get the newest DVD releases via file sharing… Right now you can be part of the second season which will provide you with new episodes on a regular basis. So, give it a try! But Beware – it’s addictive, I almost watched the first season in one go…

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