Hot chocolate – another Food wars episode

Friday, April 14. 2006

It’s a phenomenon, which somehow occurs every skiing holiday – I get up latest, and I’m first at the car. I don’t know what all of my friends are doing with there time from getting up an hour or even longer before departure for the piste. I although don’t have the fairest idea how it is possible to get up that early and then being late for the departure.

Well... Actually it’s is quite clear.. I skipped the breakfast and the socialising at the breakfast table almost every day. But what is the point in being told how poor you are looking at half past nine in the morning? So I don’t miss that socializing to much. (This holiday I wasn’t up for too much socializing at all. I’ve got to say a big sorry to my travel colleagues here. I can be far more entertaining without personal issues on my mind.)

Anyway. Although Tini gave me a kind hint, how to get hot milk in the morning, I did not make it to get a hot chocolate at one single morning. Chocolate vs. Jay 1:0. But then I decided to buy some Ovomaltine, which is not quite chocolate, but quite similar (It’s made of malt ;-)). So I own a supply of 1kg of Ovomaltine now, this fact at least got the score to a draw: 1:1. And imagine – yesterday I even managed to drink a cup of hot Ovomaltine. Jay vs Milk drinks: 2:1.

@Robert: After Christian and my MMS you were concerned, that we wouldn’t drink anything decent in .ch. You are invited to stop by for a cup of Ovomaltine at my place.

@Berit: Since you were so concerned, whether I would get my chocolate or not, you are invited, too.

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