Dinner for two

Saturday, March 31. 2007

With Katrin back in Germany it was time to have a nice opulent dinner. In memory of Katrin's holiday we had some beef steaks. Accompanied by swiss chard, filled button mushrooms (with ton's of onions and garlic) and some yellow rice. Delicious!

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New pictures available

Thursday, December 7. 2006

Running DinnerFor all readers not checking my image gallery regularly: I've got two new pictures series available to watch. The first was taken at last weeks running dinner in my flat, while Katrin and me prepared and served sushi (There are also some pictures of us at this Feki.de image gallery). The second one shows a few snapshots from the opening ceremony and fireworks of the rebuild bridge (Luitpoldbrücke).

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Souchieren & DJ Steer: Running Dinner XI preperations

Tuesday, November 28. 2006

SushiThis Wednesday the next round of the Running Dinner will take place here in Bamberg. I'm very happy to participate with my friend Katrin (like one year ago). We also managed to get the dish we targeted - the hors d’oeuvre. So we will be serving Sushi on Wednesday! Since neither Katrin nor me had prepared sushi yet, we had a test run yesterday. It was a real fun! Have a look at some pictures here *g*.

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Old times with Feki.de

Friday, November 24. 2006

Today I found a quite old video about a project of Feki.de - I thought I'd share it with you!

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Healthy food

Saturday, August 12. 2006

Today I took the chance to make some healthy food: Salad with button mushrooms, pepper and shrimps (The shrimps got browned in a thai red curry souce) and the whole salad got spiced up with a custom italian dressing and some cheese and onion crisps! Very yummy!

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