Ransom paid - I’m a Flickr Pro now.

Wednesday, September 12. 2007

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It took my a few days to decide but I value the chance to share my pictures with a broader range of people worth spending some 18 Euros (thx to the strong Euro!!) on a Flickr subscription.

So I could bring back my older pictures including Edumedia 2006 conference and get enough capacity to share my weallspeakfootball picture there. I’ve also started to geo-tag my images. It is possible to discover the places where the pictures were taken on a map. Unluckly Yahoo, to which Flickr belongs does not yet have the maps in the quality I'm used to by Google Earth - but the maps are sufficient to toy around with. This whole geotagging is a nice feature. I hope it will be done automatic by the next generation of digital cameras.

Now, I’m very curious whether there will be more interaction on my Flickr images than on the images posted in my very own gallery.

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Flickr – worth some money?

Friday, September 7. 2007

At the moment I feel blackmailed by Flickr. It let me upload a lot of pictures – but over half of them are being held prison by the system. I had to learn, that additionally to the upload limit (which kindly has been raised from 20 to 100mb a month) and the fact that images of free users can only be accessed in low resolution, there is a limit on the number of pictures that are been shown by the system. This limit is 200 pictures. That’s a lot if you only post pictures occasionally, but not if you want to make a huge number accessible. This is what I tried after vlogeurope, because the audience for whom I had taken the pictures would have had easier access to the images – until the limit hit.

So Flickr is a free service – how can I complain about the limitations of something that is free? Well, the only thing I need Flickr is to enable me to interact in a certain social network. I’ve got my own stand-alone gallery up and running, so far holding 22985 items, it suits me very well, I’ve got all degrees of freedom I could ever dream of using an image gallery– but it is not connected to a social network. Flickr is a social network, into which I’ve already been sucked into slowly step by step.

So, will I pay the ransom? I’ll decide later..

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Alternative use for your favourite Social Software

Wednesday, May 16. 2007

Wired Author Keith Axline created a ten step guide presenting steps how to use the Social Software platform Flickr to attract a possible partner for a real romance. It is a quite interesting guide on self-promotion.

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