1000 litle buggers 2007

Monday, August 6. 2007

1000 - Almost exactly this was the number of bales of hay I had to handle today and yesterday. At the moment I don't feel a lot like sitting in front of the computer, so you'll have to wait a little to see some pictures (Last year's pictures are linked here.). Since I handled each bale about two times the total amount of hay I lifted during the last two days should be about 25 tons. No need to visit a fitness centre...

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Sports – Part 1 – Jogging reloaded

Tuesday, April 11. 2006

After watching a 1.80m and 130kg guy at MTVs “Make”, I honestly had to think about my personal physical fitness. Guess it isn’t that bad at all, since I didn’t have problems skiing last week. But you can ski a lot without efforts, if you are a little experienced. I stopped jogging, after I reached Malaysia about an year ago. I tried to start again there, but never really made it. It was just to hot, and then there was this haze-thing.. And I tell you it is no fun to jog through dirty air. So I couldn't keep it up, although I was quite enthusiastic. Back in Germany I was too busy in settling down again and then there was this cold unpleasant winter… Anyway. It’s April now and I really need to move my ass again. I will keep you up to date about my efforts here.

Stats for today:
I took the way to the channel, starting at the Regensburger Ring and jogging all the way down to the Münchner Ring bridge and back. My total time was 50 minutes, and I had to take several 90 seconds breaks to walk. The 2 pictures used to illustrate this article where made on my little excursion. I got to minor blisters at my feet, since I’m not used to my walking shoes anymore.

Questions raised:

  • Don’t woman realize, that there makeup might get spoiled, when they are under physical stress?
  • Are jogging fathers the better lovers? Or is it sexy to jog with a baby carriage?
  • Why do so many people need to drive their bike while walking there dog?

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