Reverse Travelblog online

Wednesday, November 7. 2007

On Mörschi's Farewell party we had an interesting idea. We know already plenty of those travel blogs, where people report from there journeys. Of course Matthias will have one of those, too. But we will be writing a weblog for him reporting all those things he is missing, while staying abroad. So far I set up the weblog on and invited some of his friends to join the blogforce there. I also wrote an introductionary post, and wrote a little post about the Farewell party. Let's see how this project develops!

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CMS Meetup

Sunday, August 26. 2007

Click for full size imageInstead of drinking a cool beer at the Sandkerwa, I'm stuck in a meeting discussing the future content management for the site. Hopefully I'll be able to join my blogger friends soon.

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On my playlist

Tuesday, July 31. 2007

Tomorrow I’ll have the honor to entertain the partycipate party crowd by playing some tracks for them. I’ll be DJing at the Haas Säle from 9pm to 11pm. At the moment I’m about to gather some music for this event. Again, I’m quite free about the style of music I will be playing - but of course it has to fit to the student main stream audience...

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Advent calendars

Sunday, December 3. 2006

The days till Christmas are numbered, to keep focused on counting an Advent calendar might help. Unluckily no one got me one as a present.. But there are a at least two Advent calendars available online to keep an eye on.
The first one is's traditional calendar, where registered users can win a little present everyday.
The second calender, where I want you to keep an eye on is the calendar of Bamberg entfesselt!. Using the motto "24 Tage - 24 Türchen - 24 Texte" the users of BENF will provide a christmas related post every day.

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Old times with

Friday, November 24. 2006

Today I found a quite old video about a project of - I thought I'd share it with you!

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Saturday, September 2. 2006

It took almost 5 month, but today we finished “Project 200” - which is all about quotes from the Chat. First it seemed it would take us ages to reach the next goal. Now !250 has been set as next mark. Download the new .xls-File here.

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Latest pictures

Saturday, July 1. 2006

I’ve been shooting photos on several occasions during the last weeks. Since they were of public interest they didn’t make it into my private image gallery.

Amongst them are pictures from three public viewing events of our national soccer team playing:

Other Events were:

And of course there were some party pictures:

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Soccer Worldcup Opening Party

Saturday, June 17. 2006

Last weeks Friday was the opening of the soccer worldcup 2006. Since Germany is the host of this tournament and our team has the honour to do the opening game, it went without saying, that organized an event to celebrate this. First element was an human soccer tournament. I was responsible to operate the sound equipment for this event and to do some DJing. Somehow the DJing went much easier than I thought. During the Human Soccer cup I had some sampler CD with the best soccer songs running in a loop and later the time were I could play some party music was greatly reduced. First it was reduced by the decision to broadcast the second soccer match with sound, and second by some neighbours who had complained to the police about too loud music. It was also quite easy to find some songs that suited for the masses. Requests to play Oliver Pocher’s “Schwarz und Weiß” and “54,74,90,2006” by the Sportfreunde Stiller hit me during the whole event. Although people found various reasons to complain afterwards, like the screen which was a little too much sunlight until 7pm, or some fans which thought they could watch the game while having a picnic (and complaining about other who stood up), I regard the whole event as a success.

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