My 2009 in facebook status messages

Friday, January 8. 2010

Just some neat picture I acquired through some facebook app:

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Changing your relationship status may lead to...

Monday, January 26. 2009

You'd better be careful with your relationship status displayed in online communitys: A British woman was killed after changing her status on facebook! Read more here.

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Why Facebook is sexier than StudiVZ

Wednesday, May 7. 2008

Guess most of the people studying abroad are just laughing about the functionality of the German social network "StudiVZ". Well - the makers are admirable. Offering only very simple functions and using a smart advertising campaign they managed to become market leader in Germany. But compared to their big competitor Facebook, their closed platform offers very limited creative potential for users.

For some of my friends Facebook meanwhile has become a kind of "myspace". ears ago peaopl clicked together an awful load of widgets and web snippets on their myspace accounts. Now they are enabled to do this using Facebook. Click-click profile linked, another click-click and there is the connection to this dating platform, click-click filled out the newest questionnaire about who-knows-what. Just easy to be a self-expressionist?

But beware, as easy it is to set the info online, as easy it is to follow such infos. Therefore everything you are doing can be monitored using this nice friends feed.

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Someone is writing on your wall.

Tuesday, May 6. 2008

The Grützekraftwerk is right - BBC has the some of the greatest content in the world. Watch this about facebook:


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New sidebar item: Twitter

Sunday, May 4. 2008

Attending last year’s vlogeurope conference, some friends there invited me to join Twitter, which is a micro-blogging community. More or less it is just a very limited RSS feed you get from twitter – limiting postings even beyond SMS size to 140 letters. So just another format for self expression – limit what you are doing or thinking to 140 letter. Since the introduction of Twitter a lot of online communities like StudiVZ and Facebook integrated their own micro-blogging tool, giving their users the opportunity to micro blog what they are doing, but none of them so far offers as many compatibility options like Twitter. Currently my new blog posts become announced on Twitter using Twitterfeed, and all my twitter postings also appear in my Facebook account. All my twits, or however you my call this micro blog entries are also displayed in my sidebar.

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Wednesday, March 12. 2008

Initially I thought it would take me only a few minutes to finally register at facebook. But then.. Well, I ended up taking that Keirsey Temper Sorter once more. I'll at least share with you, since it is no new realization for me.

Your Score: ENTJ - Commandant

You scored 63% I to E, 21% N to S, 52% F to T, and 36% J to P!

The single word to describe your type is fieldmarshal or commandant. You also belong to the larger group called rationals. You love to organize others in matters of logic. Even as a child, you likely naturally assumed the role of leader in groups. You share your personality type with 2% of the population. When you lead, you are more concerned with policy and goals than rules and regulations. You have a tendency to become a workaholic. You are impatient with repetition of error. You are friendly and outgoing, though. You don't mince words and willingly share your many strong opinions.
As a romantic partner, you are inspiring, but also somewhat challenging. You have a strong desire to be in charge and your clear need for an organized life and home can be overwelming to a partner. You like to confront conflict directly, discuss problems unflinchingly, solve them, then put them behind you. However, you can be too impatient or unwilling to take the time to listen to your partner and give them a chance to express themselves fully so that they also have a sense of closure. You are generally uncomfortable dealing with emotions, so you are apt to dismiss your partner's emotions as illogical. You feel most appreciated when your partner asks for your opinions, takes your adivce, and relies on you to get a job done right.
Your group summary: rationals (NT)
Your type summary: ENTJ

Link: The LONG Scientific Personality Test written by unpretentious2 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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