Casino Royal

Monday, November 27. 2006

The new James Bond movie is a very controversial topic. An old problem did divide the public opinion once more – The actor of James Bond has to be exchanged from time to time where each actor has his personal strengths and weaknesses. The second problem seems to be that in Ian Flemmings original novels the character of James Bond himself undergoes some developments. Casino Royal is not the most current book of this series but actually the first! It tells a lot of the story why James Bond is the character he is in the later movies. For this purpose a cut – and the change of the actor was a good idea. I couldn’t imagine Pierce Brosnan acting with the emotional depth.. Of course some will say now – this is not our James Bond – he’d rather be detached and invulnerable. But the James Bond in Casino Royal is just more the man from Ian Flemming’s original novels than the smart, invulnerable hero he was during the last movies. It is a more human Bond.

I visited the movie yesterday accompanied by Grützekraftwerk’s personnel watching the original version in English. There are a few reasons why you should watch the movie:

After a lot of doubts whether Daniel Craig would contribute to a great movie I think the public opinion has changed – currently the movie rates 8.1 on Imdb where most of the older Bond movies rate between 6 and 7 points. (Of course the rating will drop a little, since currently mainly Band-enthusiasts visited the movie, but I think it will still be higher than the last movies:

Jay’s rating (5/5)

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