Shanadoo - King Kong

Wednesday, January 17. 2007

I really have to admit, that the song this post is about is... well the German expression would be "grenzwertig", which means something like "near limits". It is a cover of the original eurodance song by E-Rotic, which where well known through their very meaningful songs like "Max don't have Sex with your ex" or the follow up "Fred come to bed". Anyway E-Rotic was successful in Japan, too and that might be the reason why the German producer of the Japaneese girls of Shanadoo chose to create a remake of this song.

The song was part of the usual warm-up program at my spine training course. Listening to this song we had to do fast movements with stretched arms. The last lesson of that course did take place last week and I begin to miss it. Guess that's why I searched for that video ;-)

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Rainbow the Stars

Tuesday, December 5. 2006

That somewhere over the rainbow song inspired me to search for another old Eurodance song. I was reminded to Dune's "Rainbow to the stars". I'll post it here as a memory to the time, when I had to rewind tape of my video recorder to watch music videos.. I was a big fan of Dune those days. Now there is a lot of VHS tapes at my parents home and we don't have a working recorder anymore.. Bad luck.. I'll probably catch on posting songs with memories catching up on "Stars" tomorrow.

Original 1994 Version:

2003 Remake (less rave-beats):

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Somewhere over the rainbow

Monday, December 4. 2006

I fear some of my friends will call me nuts for posting this video, but I just HAVE to ;-) Browsing through various blogs of people writing on social software I discovered that some are featuring various versions of the song "Somewhere over the rainbow". The song was initially made public as a part of the play "The wizard of Oz" and there are hundreds of singer that recorded that song.
I've not yet found out all the complete story, but especially Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of this song has been fancied all out through the scene. I did hear this version for the first time watching the movie "Meet Joe Black" and it really touched me.
But since I don't want to bring my readers to tears I've found a version that made me laugh ;-)

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Long live Eurodance!

Friday, October 20. 2006

Thx to Schuffi I found the attached video! For me it is a real pleasure to find a classic Eurodance-Song back at the current charts :-) For more translation of the Swedish lyrics and a better quality of the video, visit the official homepage here. For more information about the backround of this song have a look at the Wikipedie here.

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Cruel Summer

Friday, July 7. 2006

This is another one of those songs that comes into my mind in certain situations. I remember the time doing my military service on Oberviechtach, when this song was on one of my CDs… It was really fitting to the situation at that time. July/August 1998 was a really hot summer and being away from my family and from my friends from school felt quite cruel. “The city is crowded – my friends are away – and now I’m on my own”.

The original version of this song was performed by Bananarama someway back in the 80s, but Ace of Base’s cover versions are at least as good as the original. Using a standard dance beat the Eurodance-Version of Cruel Summer made it at least up to place 25 in at the German charts in 1998. The altered (slower/less beat) US-Version achieved #10 at the US-Charts!

I’m a lucky person - I'm not on my own and on my way to meet a lot of friends right now!

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The Spring is my love

Sunday, May 7. 2006

The spring is my love,
there is a spring rustling in the trees,
felt my heart was delighted, rebirth of all kind,
scenery switched? From film I saw?
It will tranqually last forever in my mind.

The wind, the birds, the love, the air,
the breeze, the June, the spring in me,
The wind, the birds, the love, the air,
the breeze, the June, the love in me.

The spring is my love
The wind, the birds, the love, the air,
the breeze, the June, the spring in me,
The wind, the birds, the love, the air,
the breeze, the June, the love in me.

Still one of my favorite songs, and it is over ten years old right now. A lot of memories are buried in that song. Starting from the visit of the discotheque “Big Eden” in Berlin in 1996, later my brother gave me the single cd as a present, then I really liked the remake of the song by Talla2XLC in 2003, and last year the Single CD, was the only audio CD I carried all the way to Malaysia and back, as a kind of lucky charm.

dandelionAnyway, when I get to think about “Spring” this song comes into my mind, and since I finally managed to replace the winter theme by changing my header picture to a beautiful meadow with dandelion, I can finally say – spring has reached my Weblog!

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Groove Coverage – Using the Scooter Phenomenon?

Monday, September 5. 2005

The golden Years of eurodance and dancefloor music have only very few survivors, most of the groups successful due to the early nineties already have vanished. I only know one group who could constantly build up on their success – Scooter. Indeed they had their real breakthrough with a number one hit at the German top 100 single charts some years after the boom was already gone (this hit was a cover of Peter Maffay’s Tabaluga Theme song “Nessaja”). And Scooter is still on the move, with a new single release at October 14th.. Now they seem to have some real competition, with Groove Coverage, who are on a similar way. They are recycling catchy melodies and mix them to state of the art dancefloor music (which still seems to have a market share). Their newest song is called “Holy Virgin” and takes use of an old eighties melody by the legendary group EAV. (I saw EAV live a few years ago, while they played at the Maisel's Weißbierfest in Bayreuth.) The song is imho nothing special, and can not catch up with their greatest successes (Moonlight Shadow, Poison, God is a DJ). Btw. If you ever wanted to know more about the roots of “God is a Girl”, read here. Beeing an old Roxette fan (With “How do you do” being my first cd) I now know why “God is a Girl” is one of my favourite songs..

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Groove Coverage a companion through everyday life

Tuesday, June 7. 2005

It's unbelievable, the Malayan youth is mad about groove coverage. I don't have a clue why, but the appearance of the songs here in everyday life strikes me each time. First I got to hear the song "God is a girl" at the Beach bar, which wasn't that special, since there are many western people there anyway. But then I heard the corresponding Album played in some shops of shopping malls (Midvalley/1-Utama). And yesterday I met someone who used the above mentioned song as ringtone for his mobile. Guess Alex will be a little upset, when she reads this report ;-)

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