The green man

Monday, February 19. 2007

Those who believe there is no big comedy created in Germany should have a more decent look into our every living rooms! The attached video was created on a neat private birthday party. Have fun watching:

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Sandkerwa – Day 2 – Taking a stroll at the Kerwa and the sausage story

Saturday, August 26. 2006

KerwaYesterday I started into the Kerwa with Karsten taking a stroll over the Kerwa area. On our stroll we enjoyed a chilled Mahr-U and met a lot of friends. Unluckily I had to take care of my beer and couldn’t take too much pictures. We noticed that the Kerwa seems to start later this year – at around 9pm there were a lot of people on the street – but barely someone inside the many many bars..

PArty at J-newsThis time I had a lot of fun taking pictures at the Haas-Säle (probably because it was much easier for me to ask people for pictures after having a few drinks..). At the Haas-Säle we also had an “old-times-revival” since Robert and To, Tim and me were there. Our evening together ended at Dörte’s place –and enjoying a Krakauer-Sausage there someone had the idea, that we could bring our own sausages the next day. It was decided, that I’d be responsible to get sausages, Robert and Anna would bring bread and Tim has to take care for mustard. So I bought sausages today…

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Healthy food

Saturday, August 12. 2006

Today I took the chance to make some healthy food: Salad with button mushrooms, pepper and shrimps (The shrimps got browned in a thai red curry souce) and the whole salad got spiced up with a custom italian dressing and some cheese and onion crisps! Very yummy!

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Running Dinner X – The Report

Monday, June 12. 2006

The running dinner is clearly one of the highlights of each semester. You won’t get a better chance to meet open minded students studying various subjects on one evening. Since the whole group changes for every dish, you can be lucky and meet up to twelve new people on this evening. We started at Jürgen’s place and I prepared the pineapple and strawberries for our dessert. From there it was only a five minutes drive by bike to reach our hors d’oeuvre location. We were welcomed by two nice girls who had a veggie soup prepared. A few minutes later an old study colleague and a friend of his arrived to complete our hors d’oeuvre group. Jonas had a lot to talk about his holiday in India, and the discussion was a little one sided.

To reach our main dish location we only had a few meters. A main dish at the student apartments Pestheim is always something special. Since the rooms are quite small and don’t have a real kitchen it is quite an experiment to cook something there for six people. However our host managed to cook some nice pepper in small ovens, and the bed was rearranged to serve as two seats. A few minutes later the dinner the proved to be a real premier: I’d never been to a running dinner, were there was a group which only consisted of boys. This wasn’t our only common thing. All of us were studying a business related subject for at least three years.. A less homogeneous group might have been more interesting. But since the dish was nice, the Bulgarian red wine delicious, and the Becherovka good stuff we got to enjoy ourselves nevertheless.

Dessert was Jürgen’s and my turn. The time it took for the final preparations was underestimated a little bit by me. So I spent quite some time at the kitchen.. I also managed to ruin the crème.. so it was only yogurt with fresh fruits and flaky pastry we had to offer for our guests – but wait. The B52s were part of the dessert ;-). Somehow our guests almost missed each other, one couple arrived one hour late and the other one had to leave early.. But we had one chance to have a toast together.

The party was a great meet an great afterwards, I met a lot of people and even was dancing. If you want to get some impressions, have a look at the pictures from here.

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Running Dinner X – Expectations?

Wednesday, June 7. 2006

After having a really great time last semester, I’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while. Unluckily Katrin can’t join me cooking this time, so I had to find another partner to team up with. I was very lucky that my first choice immediately was really enthusiastic about the idea to take part at the running dinner. For this dinner Jürgen and me are going to prepare a nice dish. So if you are going to the Neuerbstr. 53 for dessert – be ready for some … ok I will keep it a surprise.
I’m looking forward for an entertaining evening, which will start at Zollnerstreet onehundredsumthing, continue at the beloved Pestheim (Block C), have its highlight at Jürgen’s place and will find its ending at the great party at the Il Centro.
As you can see – expectations are high!

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Sunday lunch - Food wars continued.

Sunday, March 12. 2006

I don’t know yet how to score my last episode of the fruit wars, well actually it was not a fruit but rather a food war. On Friday I decided to stay in Bamberg for this Sunday (usually I’m at least visiting my parents for lunch on Sunday). So I got to get myself some adequate food for a Sunday’s lunch (traditionally Franconian the Lunch on Sunday is the best meal for the whole week with dumplings and a Sunday roast). Unluckily I didn’t feel like going out to shop for this occasion during the last days, when I was taking care of my cold. Due to my last stocking up of the fridge, there is plenty of food – but nothing adequate for a Sunday’s lunch. So I decided to trade the duck roast which I might have gotten prepared by my mum against a YumYum duck soup. The duck soup was quite good, with this neat Asian duck taste, but it couldn’t reach my expectations for a Sunday’s lunch. (Guess I also couldn’t fulfil my duty of dealing with the consequences of the uprising bird-flu…):

Jay’s expectation vs. fridge contents: 0-1

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Fruit wars continued - Jay vs. pineapple – Part 2

Sunday, March 12. 2006

Since I felt like eating most of the pineapple in one go, I feel a little stomach pain now. Should I consider this as “The revenge of the pineapple”? Guess when this is all over I'll write my "fruit war memoires"...

Got to update the score: Jay vs. pineapple: 1-1

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War around exams – interim report

Saturday, March 11. 2006

My cold is still lasting and I felt kinda squashy this morning. So I decided to go to a little secondary area of conflict and fight a pineapple I had bought some days before. I was prepared this time – lemon juice (thx to the lemon squeezer) and some motivation to destroy something ;-). So I took one of your biggest kitchen knifes and started to carve the pineapple. Since I gained quite some experience to deal with pineapples during my time in Malaysia, and the tool set to fight the fruit was sufficient it didn’t take too long to get it into neat little pieces. Unluckily a little bit of the fruit had already become a little too mellow, but this is no big issue, since it still tastes good. Afterwards I carefully put a few drops of lemon on it, and now I have some nice fresh dessert in my fridge.

Jay vs. pineapple: 1-0.

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