Panel discussion on political magazines in German TV

Wednesday, February 1. 2006

Due to a lot of financial resource gained through a nude calendar, my student group is able to sponsor interesting lectures, talks and discussions at our university. One of them was held yesterday by the chair of communication science. Three renowned talkers had been invited to Bamberg, and were discussing whether half an hour of time would be sufficient to cover political issues in Germany (German readers might find a more detailed view of the discussion in Sabine’s Blog.) One addressed problem was that the audience of those magazines is quite old. In my opinion this is a problem which is a result of the used media channel. So the question that was raised for me is: Why do all those people thinking their TV-Format is the key to communicate with people in Germany? Since I don’t own a TV I definitely won’t be reached by their TV-magazines. Even if I had a TV, I think I would barely be able to watch the magazines, at the fixed time-slot, when they are broadcasted. Because of this I think they should try alternative ways to broadcast their material.
I would suggest that they should build up an online on-demand service, where you can chose the interesting reports, and download them directly. I think this is a great chance to reach a younger audience. I would be glad to spice up my daily lecture of SPON, with some video-reports. And I’m sure the number of (young?) people who are thinking that way is growing..
My official task at the discussion was to shoot some pictures for, and I also got a little 3gp coverage, to push multimedia blogging ;-)

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