Don't support Game-Killers

Friday, September 5. 2008

Today informed about an interesting campaign initiated by a Bavarian professional journal about computer games. The magazine asks all gamers to write to their local delegates of the CSU (the governing party in Bavaria) that they won’t support their anti-computer games policy and therefore won’t vote for them in the upcoming elections. Politicians of the CSU have continued to ask for further restrictions concerning protection of minors.

I think the political discussion about “Killer games” is very unreasonable. Many of the people discussing never actually played those games. Germany already has the strongest laws for the protection of minors in Europe; I really wouldn’t want to see any more restrictions. So all you Bavarians out there, got to this page, participate, and show our local politicians, what you think!

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Jay's curiosity quest

Saturday, October 27. 2007

The last weeks I got almost bombed by people reaching my site after doing a google search on "jay’s curiosity". I got curios about the origin of those search requests. I found, that there is some online computer game called MapleStory. This game has a quest called “Jay’s Curiosity”.

All people seeking for help with this quest should see the StrategyWiki on this issue. But as far as I could understand the information there, the quest can’t be completed, yet. Mapletip offers a walkthrough how to finish the quest.

Edit 29.10.: Since there is a continuous stream of people seeking for this information in my page, I've marked it sticky. I also want to encourage people to comment on this post about where to find further info on jay's quest!

Edit 07.11.: I'm tired of having this Maple Story picture on the top of my blog, so I'm canceling the sticky markup.

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3D-Shooter Mash-Up

Sunday, July 16. 2006

I searched my archives for a certain mp3, and doing that I found the attached mash up, which was done by a friend of mine some years ago. It combines a report on brutal 3D-Shooters with some audio taken from a few of our LAN-Parties... I hope you like it, i think it's just too good to stay in my archive. (Unluckily it's in German, apologies to my English speaking readers.)

Initially I planned to publish the file as my first podcast, but somehow I have problems using the s9y-podcast plugin... Probably next time.

Edit 17.07.: I managed to get the file embedded using quicktime now!

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Bliss, the worlds first intelligent romantic game for lovers.

Tuesday, February 28. 2006

Has your relationship gone into a routine? Or do you want to spice it up a little bit? Then a little game developed by an US software engineer. The author developed the game mainly for himself and his wife (as an anniversary gift). He describes the game:

“Bliss is designed to help couples explore the sexual aspect of their relationships by encouraging communication and openness. The goal of Bliss is to help long term couples strengthen and enhance their relationships. Unlike many sexually oriented games, Bliss focuses on romance, love, and intimacy rather than blatant and sometimes offensive sexuality. Bliss is full of unique and innovative romantic ideas.“

The game strikes with its great simplicity – it is a personalized monopoly style game. But instead of building hotels and to pay for accommodation at you are allowed to build different service shops, and you can work for the visit there. So you get the chance to perform different tasks for your partner. There is also a classic “lovers lane” and much more. There is a free demo-version available for download.

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Tuesday, July 12. 2005

Today I want to point you to a "little" computer game I found yesterday. describes it as a breakthrough in AI Technology. And in fact it is something new - a game were you have to interact with computer AI by talking to it. Although you only can talk by typing the characters in the game will answer you in spoken language. And you are part of the game. The game does not take very long to play through, but the real interactions with the AI is quite impressive.

If you manage to download the 800MB FREE Game, you will need another 1,8GB to install it, but it is worth a try. Get it and try to help the two characters Trip and Grace with their marriage problems.

(Jay's Rating 3/5)

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