Adventskalender - 1 - Ein Herz fürs Käffchen

Wednesday, December 1. 2010

"Die beste Methode, das Leben angenehm zu verbringen, ist, guten Kaffee zu trinken. Wenn man keinen haben kann, so soll man versuchen, so heiter und gelassen zu sein, als hätte man guten Kaffee getrunken." sagte Jonathan Swift. Damit du mein geliebter Schatz noch besser in jeden Tag mit einem guten Kaffee starten kannst, hat dir der Elch was mitgebracht :-)

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Thursday, December 10. 2009

Searching for info about a new bean to cup coffee maker stumbled upon, which is a weblog about coffee. Since I didn't post any memes recently I thought I'd answer the questions of the blogs Christmas prize draw here:

  • Does contemplativeness and coffee-to-go mix? Or would you rather drink coffee in the coffeehouse?
    For contemplativeness I'd rather enjoy a coffee at the coffeehouse - but since those seem to be so busy lately, I think the best way is to have a coffee at home, without any crowds.

  • Do you grant yourself some special coffee for christmas (with flavour or gourmet coffee)?
    Visting *bux or McCafe I might get something flavoured. But at home I don't fancy flavor too much.

  • Which coffee is your favorite (type/brand)?
    At the moment it is Grano de café. I'm not sure whether you can determine a roasting facility here. But you can get the coffee at Hofer in Austria - 3,29EUR for a whole Kilo of beans!

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