Tuscany 2006 – Day 6 – The mountains of Umbria – Camerino

Thursday, September 28. 2006

Mountains of UmbriaQuite interesting that I watched the seasons end of Alias season five yesterday, and once more the series played in Italy (since the whole series involves researching the works of a fictive ancient Italian researcher the story was set in Italy quite often). But this time the film makers got a blatant error into their script. The mountain scene visited in Umbria was set on a big glacier. None of the mountains in Umbria is high enough to have even a little glacier..

City of CamerinoThe city of Camerino is on the top of one of the mountains at an altitude of about 660m. The town once provided home for a pope and is university town since the 14th century. Walking through the narrow streets of that town there were indeed a lot of students and pupils on the road. It was a bit like walking through the old town of Bamberg, but the other way around. This time I was the alien trying to get pictures of all those nice sights, were all the other people were “just” living there.

Dinner: Pizza Rustica – Profiteroles

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Tuscany 2006 – Day 2 – Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore near Asciano

Monday, September 25. 2006

AbbaziaThroughout Tuscany there is quite a number of monasteries. Years ago we had already been visiting the Abbazia but unluckily it was closed at that occasion. This year we gave it a second try. And this time we had more luck and the Abbazai was open, so we had the chance to have a look at the museum. Have a look at my pictures here!

Dinner: Antipasto della casa – Pizza rustica - Profiteroles

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Thoughts about religion and faith

Monday, September 11. 2006

Through Mario's Blog I found the follwing documentation which throws up a few questions about religion and faith. Remarkable! The title is "The Root of all evil".

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Top 10 podcasts 2005

Tuesday, March 14. 2006

Even in the darkest hours of work and despair the WWW offers great distraction. By incident (thx to del.icio.us) I found an article about the Top10 podcasts in 2005 today. And one immediately attracted my focus. It is a podcast by father Roderick Vonhögen a catholic priest from the Netherlands. In his podcast from April 19th “Habemus Papam!!” he reports from St. Peters Square, when the new pope has been introduced. Since I was in Malaysia at that time I couldn’t accompany this progress. Although I’m not catholic the vivid report of father Vonhögen thrilled me. The podcast is quite long, but I can really recommend it! For all my readers who are done with your exams already – I would be very glad to hear some experience about the other top10 podcasts!

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Networking in a globalized world - thoughts about the World Youth Day in Cologne

Saturday, August 20. 2005

For days I’ve been thinking about a high sophisticated topic to blog about. Today a short article on the World Youth Day in Cologne gives me an impulse to reflect a little bit on the changing relations in our society. A generation away, when my parents had my age it was not that common to travel foreign countries. A visit to Paris was a real highlight at that time. But during the last years Europe and our world grew quite close together. The enhanced mobility with fast train connections in Europe and discount Airlines did their part to make traveling very easy. Some 25 years ago it was something special to visit a football game at the other end of the country – new you visit a Champions League Match at the other end of Europe.
So it is no problem to have international gathering of people! And if one of the biggest communities – the Christian church – invites you can get 400000 young people gathered together. With his business Know-How the german President Horst Köhler encouraged the participants to use the chance to form new friendships.

“Enjoy your stay in Germany. I hope you will return to your home countries with new energy and confidence, remembering the impressions of this World Youth Day with lots of new phone numbers and e-mail addresses in your pockets. Do not let go of the hands reaching out to you over the next few days.”

I think it is a real good chance for our youth to get in touch with different cultures and will help them to lose xenophobia. The xenophobia issue reminds me a little on Arthur C Clarke’s “Childhood’s end”, which I read last week. To really work together with an alien race, it takes two generations, until the humans are finally allowed to see the alien race – first the humans got to learn to accept the aliens. Globalization and global collaboration takes it’s time – but with events like this World Youth day we really have a great step towards becoming a worldwide community. Gathering of the youth will help people to become more tolerant, and enhance the willingness to work together beyond national borders.

With study programs, which bring you abroad, and the traditional school exchange many people get the chance to form networks around the world within their education. Communication over a global medium like the internet brings people together, too. (Without playing Astrowars I would probably never know that there exists a place like the Prince Edwards Island – no I have some friends over their, and I’d really liked to visit them some day!). There are many more new developments, which bring people together all over the world – let’s hope that we all make the best of it. So I’m connecting to Horst Köhlers appeal – make the best out of your chance to get connected to the world!

Interesting is that of course the issue of sexuality amongst the youth is an issue. The point of view of the Catholic Church, which is head of the gathering, is “no sex before marriage”. And as Pope John Paul II put it the use of condoms is a sin. But for the young people an open dealing with that issue is common sense. This does not mean that young people would get intimate with each other in an ill-considered manner – they make their decision dependant on the feeling of love not onto the institution of marriage. In a conservative community where the intuition of marriage is still one of the most important institutions this paradigm shift is not accepted. So it is not surprising, that authorities of the church get annoyed asked about that issue. But as it is a important issue for the youth I think this topic will be discussed amongst the participants. I think many participants are going to discuss. Partnership and sexuality go together and partnership is an important issue for young people, who seek there place in live. So it will be an issue, trying to ignore it, because it is a explosive topic will not prevent that.

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