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Wednesday, May 7. 2008

... No. Not what you are thinking! Although 90s dance fans might know how the above sentence should be concluded. It goes out to my friend working with vodafone.

I'm subscribed to O2's Internet Pack M since about four weeks - since I had a similar pack before I get it discounted 5EUR/month instead of 10EUR. I'm also subscribed to their Communication Center Pack, which provides e-mail forwarding via MMS or SMS 50 free Web-SMS and a few related services for another 5EUR/month. Today O2 announced, that the features of this pack will be included in a new Internet Pack S - and the old communication center pack's features will be part of all superior Internet packs. So I'll be saving those 5EUR!

I've also subscribed to a new o2 genion s contract through debitel, which provides free call forwarding into the o2 network without a monthly fee. Since I'm subscribed to a Genion L pack on my main contract, with a special rate, I get calls to landlines and into the o2 network for free from anywhere in Germany for 25EUR, I'm also still subscribed to a student rate with 100 free SMS a month.

So starting from June I'll have free calls to o2 and German landlines, 100 free sms, 200MB of data traffic, 50 free web-sms, free e-mail forwarding via sms/mms + reachability under a landline number. For 30EUR/month!!!

Beat this!

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Thursday, January 11. 2007

A friend of mine drew my attention to a special offer by today. Visiting there electronics page you can order cheap notebooks at the moment. Have a close look at the screenshot on the right. I guess the offer won't be available for too long on, so I saved it for you. It is a Sony Mini-notebook - one I'd always dreamed of - for some 19 Euros! Unbelievable! (Currently technorati has 19 blogpostings tagged with "amazon" on this issue. Guess by noon the story will be through a lot of more blogs..)

Edit 1:30pm: Meanwhile Amazon has changed the price of the notebook, and the order mysteriously has disappeared out of my order box.

Edit 3:20pm: Got the following statement from Amazon:

Guten Tag,

es gibt Neuigkeiten zu Ihrer aktuellen

Einige Artikel wurden von uns auf der Website irrtuemlich fuer ein Hundertstel des richtigen Preises ausgezeichnet:

"Sony Vaio VGN-TX3HP/W 11.1 Zoll WXGA Notebook"

"Lenovo TS ThinkPad R60 15.1 Zoll SXGA Notebook "

Bitte entschuldigen Sie den Schreibfehler.

Daher haben wir den oder die Titel aus Ihrer Bestellung/Ihren Bestellungen gestrichen:



Wir hoffen auf Ihr Verstdndnis - vielleicht haben Sie sich ja schon selbst |ber die Ungewoehnlichkeit dieses Preises gewundert.

Bitte beachten Sie: Laut unseren AGBs kommt der Kaufvertrag ueber ein Produkt immer erst mit Absenden der Versand-Mail zustande. Hilfsweise erklaeren wir jedoch die Anfechtung wegen Irrtums.

Unsere Website haben wir mittlerweile aktualisiert.

Wir danken fuer Ihr Interesse und bitten noch einmal, unseren Fehler zu entschuldigen.

Bitte antworten Sie nicht auf dieses Schreiben, da die E-Mail-Adresse nur zur Versendung, nicht aber zum Empfang von E-Mails eingerichtet ist.

Freundliche Gruesse


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