Saturday, September 2. 2006

It took almost 5 month, but today we finished “Project 200” - which is all about quotes from the Feki.de Chat. First it seemed it would take us ages to reach the next goal. Now !250 has been set as next mark. Download the new .xls-File here.

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150(!) quotes at the Feki.de chat.

Thursday, March 23. 2006

Ok. I will keep it short for the moment. HERE is the long awaited .xls-sheet. Explanation will be written later.

The Feki.de chat provides students of the University of Bamberg the possibility to talk to people like them over the internet. The chat has been established about two years ago. Where at the beginning was only a group of just a few Feki.de users and moderators, now a decent group of regular users occupies the chat to talk about there problems, or just to kill time. Within this time remarkable quotations have been added to the channel-bot’s memory. The above excel list gives an overview about the now 150(!) quotations which have been stored. Some of them are only funny knowing the context, but many are just interesting without further explanation. I did also start to make a little analyses on the quotes but... well.. that's a little time consuming.

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