diigo - social bookmarking v3.0

Wednesday, January 28. 2009

If you thought just sending your bookmarks to the web and use tags to categorize themwas state of the art, then you are at least living one year in the past! I was until I did a little research today on how to organize bookmarks for our workgroup. Meanwhile bookmarked pages get cached, you may add notes, and share them to your private group. Where? have a look at diigo.com.

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Windows Tool to handle del.icio.us bookmarks

Friday, July 21. 2006

I found an article about a toolbar for your delicious bookmarks via Golem.de today. Deliwin is a port of the Italian MacOS X tool, which puts your bookmarks into the desktop tray. I tested it, but found the bookmark sorting via tag-list rather confusing. But probably my tags are a little too unorganized. Anyway, I guess there will be a lot of development with software using interfaces to social software.

Somehow I needed to find an English article to understand how the tool works, and why my bookmarks are kind of unsorted. Downloadsquad explains:

the first tag on a bookmark will be displayed as its top-level
directory, while the second tag will act as a sub-directory. This might
cause some del.icio.us users to retool the way they tag their bookmarks

Seems like I'm one of those users who should retool...

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