Bierkeller #5 - Pettstadt

Saturday, July 22. 2006

In comparison to my fellow blogger friends I’m a little behind in visiting beer gardens .. Probably I had to much barbecues and therefore no need to go to a beer garden.. Anyway – Last week I managed to visit another beer garden – The one just before Pettstadt. Although the site is not very promising (directly next to a road), it is a very lovely beer garden. It can reach easily via bicycle or inline skates (just follow the road out of bug and you will almost run into the beer garden) and the beer and food is really worth a try. The portion “Obatzda” you get at this beer garden is twice the amount you get at the Wilde Rose and it is only 3,50€. The price for a beer is 1,70€.

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Bergkerwa 2006 – Part 1

Monday, June 12. 2006

Crowded BergThis year I made it to the Bergkerwa in Erlangen two times. The first visit was organized by my friends. To reach Erlangen we had split into two groups. The first did take a train around 2pm, which was far to early in my opinion. So I headed to Erlangen with a second group consisting of Rene, Markus and Katha taking the 5:30om train to Erlangen. And of course you can’t go to Erlangen on such a day without meeting other students and friends. Tim and our famous Iventscout-Party Team including Matze and DJ Hammer were on the same train.

PartyAlthough the weather wasn’t too nice the Berg-area was quite crowded when we arrived there. After a few minutes we managed to meet up with our first group and found as a nice place at one of the beer gardens. Good to have a place to sit – but no music and unpleasant service (the waiter “by mistake” stole one of our empty mugs.) Having our first beer there we then decided to meet up with Tim and the other guys.

CrowdArriving there at the other end of the Berg-area they were already enjoying themselves. It was really really crowded now, and standing near to a tree at some junction you had to take care not to be pushed away. But this was no reason to get our mood spoiled. Sometime later that evening Markus and me ended standing in front of one of the liquor stands... Luckily after 45 minutes our friends who had dropped us their managed it to return... We ended up partying at the Big Kitzmann tent. I won’t write about the events of the journey home on the train. But there is a nice video.. (which I can’t link here, but I encourage you to email Tim to see it ;-))

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Bierkeller #4 – Grießkeller

Sunday, May 14. 2006

Seems like I’m a little slower than my blogger friends Jan and Sabine, who are already at their fifth and eights visit to a Bierkeller. Well, guess I went out for barbecue more often (got to write about that later). This Friday I went out to Geisfeld to visit the Grießkeller there. It is a very nice beer garden just some 10km outside of Bamberg. But it is best to visit it already in the afternoon. Just before sunset there are only a few sunny spots there. I met Tim, Tanja, Dirk and Later Jörg there way after 8pm, so we couldn’t enjoy the sun there.. But beer for 1,70€ is quite an offer. Unluckily I went there by car, so I kept it with Radler.

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Bierkeller #3 – Reundorf

Monday, May 8. 2006

On Friday was my third visit to a beer garden this year. We finally managed to organize a little trip, in order to “earn” our beer. So we met at the city and started for the beer garden by bike. Markus, Julia, Nadine, Annika, Jürgen, Soli, and me took the distance by bicycle and Soli’s friend Leni joined us later by car..

MeadowOn our way to Reundorf we first crossed the Hain, had to drive up a little hill after leaving Bamberg Bug, and later entered the beautiful meadows before Reundorf. But of course we took the chance to stop here and there in order to have a break. At a little stop at the meadows, my friends got entertained by me crawling on the ground to get a few nice shots. But I think my new header picture was worth my efforts.

SchmausenkellerThe beer garden in Reundorf is called "Schmausenkeller" and it is a real beauty. It is situated on the shadow edge of a forrest up a little hill. We got us a table, in the sun and went for some Radler (which is 50/50 beer/lemonade). With 1,5€ for half a liter it is one of the cheapest beer gardens around Bamberg.

The food was also quite good, and it is even possible to get coffee and cake at the beer garden. We had a lot of fun sitting in the sun talking and far too soon it was time to start back home...

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Bierkeller #2 – Ampferbach

Thursday, May 4. 2006

Ampferbach festival groundsI got to admit that the visit to the Ampferbach beer garden today can’t be regarded as a ordinary beer garden visit. Since it is the first of May, which is a public holiday in Germany, and since there is a big festival at the brewery on this day, it is definitely a place to be. Unable to convince the girls of the challenge to visit the beer garden which is located some 10km outside of Bamberg via bicycle, we went there by car. But we didn’t have a problem to enjoy the local Max-Bock beer without going through endless endeavours before ;-).

picnicWe enjoyed to picnic at the festival grounds, and had a good time meeting a lot of friends there: Everywhere, where there are huge quantities of beer involved you can be sure that there will be a lot of students, too ;-). So it was no wonder meet a few people of the USI at the festival grounds. I also met Dirk and Jörg and our local DJ God - DJ Hammer! And many many more.. But I was not able to get pictures of everyone.

So it was a very pleasant and relaxed afternoon, which was definately caused by the good weather and my friendly company. For me personal I don't regret to spend the evening at home.. I heard some stories, that the evening did end quite bad for some of the other guests at Ampferbach, who had some more beers in Bamberg...

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Bierkeller #1

Saturday, April 29. 2006

The idea for this series was stolen from Jan Schmidt, but it is so nice to have some memories on those beautiful beer gardens in Bamberg that I will do exactly the same. Let’s see how long it will take until we will be reporting about the same event at a beer garden!

It was a very warm weekend, and so the beer gardens had already opened in order to take advantage of the many many people out for a walk or a little journey on Sunday. So we were quite sure last Monday that the beer gardens would be open, too. It was Christian who called and made the proposal to take advantage of the good weather and to visit the Spezi-Keller. But accidentally this beer garden is closed on Mondays. So we had to go for the nearest alternative, which is the “Wilde Rose”. There we had to notice that it is already quite expensive on beer gardens at the city. A beer is 2.10€ this year, and I had to pay 4,30€ for my dinner. You can get cheaper and better beer/food at beer gardens, which are located outside from Bamberg. Unluckily our friends, To and Karsten who were visiting Bamberg at this time couldn’t be convinced to join us. So it was just Christian, Anna and me for the start; Tim and Tanja joined as a little bit later. I had my first “Gerupften” for this year (it is a cheese-speciality) and we met some friends from university. Afterwards we visited the Stammtisch, and also had some party at the Live-Club.

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