Article about self-projection amongst students in Bamberg in BENF

Monday, February 26. 2007

I took the time today to write a small article about students and their self-projections through pictures on the student-community StudiVZ. Unluckily the language on BENF is German.. To not discriminate my English reader I've at least a small summary here.

Somehow it seems to be en vogue to use "cool" pictures on user profiles or in picture galleries on the student community StudiVZ. In my opinion some of those pictures are really misplaced there. So I'm commenting on the six worst examples hoping, that I might shake someone awake.

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Blogger meeting

Wednesday, January 24. 2007

Unluckily I don't have much time to write an epic review about the blogger meeting Bee initiated last Friday. But there is attached picture, which I don't want to keep from you. It shows Paule, Bee and the famous "Pimmelhütchen" which was also participating. More participants were: gicha, tonnenkind, Jan and later scotti and Karl.

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Advent calendars

Sunday, December 3. 2006

The days till Christmas are numbered, to keep focused on counting an Advent calendar might help. Unluckily no one got me one as a present.. But there are a at least two Advent calendars available online to keep an eye on.
The first one is's traditional calendar, where registered users can win a little present everyday.
The second calender, where I want you to keep an eye on is the calendar of Bamberg entfesselt!. Using the motto "24 Tage - 24 Türchen - 24 Texte" the users of BENF will provide a christmas related post every day.

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Soccer: 1.FC Eintracht Bamberg vs. Vfl Frohnlach

Friday, September 1. 2006

Soccer Bamberg vs FrohnlachOn paule’s proposal we went to see a game of our local soccer team. The 1. FC Eintracht Bamberg is playing in a 4th tier league called “Bayernliga”. I got us some picture footage, and used it to “pimp” paule’s review which has been published on BENF. Also have a look at this review. The entry fee for students was 5€ and local beer is available for 1,80€ (0,5l), so the visit is quite affordable and there will be more interesting games - for sure.

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First Bloggercup

Sunday, July 23. 2006

crazy golfI’m a little late with my posting since most of the other participants did already write about their experiences, but as you can’t hurry love you can’t hurry creativity sometimes, and it took a while for me to get a better picture of yesterdays events. Therefore I need to say it with the words of of a friend uttered here. “Der Bloggercup wird in die ewigen Blogger-Annalen eingehen“ („The Blogger cup will go down in history“):

We played, we relaxed, we had fun!

Girls relaxingEverything you can expect if some people sharing a common passion come together to have fun and to spend some good time. The crazy golf tournament was a good warm up for everybody to have a get together and for those who didn’t know each other before – to size each other up. The results didn’t matter that much – it was about the fun of the game (Hopefully I’ll get the video done someday…). Although we had some losses after the tournament (Jan had to work and coyote to study), we were still quite a group relaxing at the city park. At that time we although didn’t know how long we would stay there.. We were chatting, playing “Stadt, Land, Fluss” (I never want to play this game having a category “plants” again) and the time passed by almost unnoticed.

Annoying children smoking weedUnluckily there were some pupils around who got a little annoying after a while. Maddin did a great job in asking the Realschule pupils about there job perspectives, but I got just bored with so many people asking for cigarettes or searching for some lost girlfriends (“No, Sarah is not hidden beyond my blanket”). This was about the time when the odd things started to happen…

Scotti fighting our beer supplyWe ran out of beer supply and I went to fetch some more. But on my way back I almost ran into some girl with my bike and lost three bottles of beer which didn’t survive the fall from the carrier. Later paule and anima went to swim... and paule… well, better ask her personally… Probably this was a bad Omen for the rest of the evening.. But Scotti managed to get paule home safely. Actually it would have been a great idea to leave at that time, too – but somehow the fresh breeze at the park was to tempting to stay just a little longer. In the end we just stayed a little too long.. So Bee got her bike stolen, I got my neck tensed up, and I don’t want to talk about all of those nasty insect bites… But some day we might think back to this summer of 06 with Bryan Adams lyrics (Quoting this song reminds my, that Maddin promised to play some songs with his guitar next time):

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya - Id always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

Althoug she had to leave early, Vroni didn't miss the fun part at the parkMeanwhile Alexxie, who didn’t make it to join us is already very amused about all of the events, which indeed occurred in realtime.. And the absolute outcome of the evening is available here. These results are far more interesting than the actual numbers of the crazy golf tournament, but for the stats Jan probably will supply us the numbers sometime.

To sum up things: It was an event definately worth repeating, but it is questionable whether the fun we had actually can be repeated!

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Bamberg entfesselt!

Wednesday, May 17. 2006

Yesterday I finally made it to meet with Sabine (later Paule also joined us) and we started finalizing a project I initiated already about four weeks ago. So we searched for a nice Wordpress template and name for our project. Have a look at our result here:

German readers can find the “why?” here. We think that it might be a nice experience to have a blog were many people with the same interest get the chance to write down their thoughts. So it is a try. You are invited to participate!

Off topic remark: In times of sorrow it is best to seek for distraction. This is a fact, and my friends are very good support in such occasions. Thx!

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