Bloggermeeting and barbecue at Oda's place

Wednesday, October 3. 2007

Blogger MeetingYesterday I had the pleasure to attend a meeting of Bamberg's blogosphere. It took place in the garden of Oda's sweet little house, and we also had a barbecue there. Before the whole thing started, I've already to note a lesson learned: never try to buy groceries before a public holiday. I had volunteered to buy the beer and ended up waiting twenty minutes at the checkout lane of Real.- Attending for probably the last time was Jan, who leave us for Hamburg, soon. We had a lot of fun, discussed many many issues, event had a kind of stand up comedy, and even sang some old songs. If you want to get a better impression have a look at the pictures.

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Sports - Part 7 - Partysan vs. Spielerfrauen

Monday, June 12. 2006

Partysan Bamberg 03 team PhotoIt was the only game were I was set to play in the starting eleven and I was lucky that I made it to the game in time. The meeting of the assessment committee for the chair of logistics had taken longer than expected, and I hit the field 15 minutes before kick-off. That was barely enough time to take a team photo and to warm up a little bit. It was really cold and so it was good for me that I was playing almost the full sixty minutes. Immediately after the game I had the impression that I could freeze to death.

Party at the fieldDuring the game it was clear that our team was more than a match for the girls we were playing against. So we took it really easy. Our line-up was mirrored: the goal keeper was playing forwards, and it was up to our team captain to keep a clean sheet. Somehow I had the imagination that our defence didn’t make that job too easy for him… Well, no details here. We ended the game 9:5 or something like that and I think everyone was happy afterwards. We ended the evening having a barbecue, and later celebrating our win in our group at the Live-Club.

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Barbecue #1, #2, #3 and #4

Sunday, May 14. 2006

Ok, this is a general write up on the last barbecue sessions, but somehow I didn’t make it to write a post about each specific incident. My first time this year was at my neighbours place Phil, were we had a nice evening at the terrace of his flat-sharing apartment.

Karsten and ChristianMy second barbecue session came rather unexpected. I got a call from Tim, last weeks Saturday noon, and he offered my to join him and a few friends to Oberhaid to his fathers “summer house”. Although I already had agreed on barbecue session #3, which took place in the evening at Martin and Jürgen’s place, I joined my old friends to Oberhaid.

BarbecueOf course it took more time than expected in Oberhaid, and the last guests arrived, at the time when I was about to leave… But I made it until shortly after 8pm to reach session number three. Almost the same friends who were already participating at our bike tour to Reundorf were already sitting at the garden and had a good time there. Since Martin and Jürgen have a nice living room, we could end the evening there, without freezing to death outside.

The last session should have taken place yesterday at some student apartments, but since the weather was bad during the morning and afternoon it was cancelled. So I got myself a nice little round barbecue (5€ @ Obi).

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