Adventskalender - 20 - Klammern?

Tuesday, December 21. 2010

Kann man sehr schön anordnen :-) Oder sie erinnern einen ans Takka-Tukka Land. Oder man kann was mit Ihnen wo fest tackern.

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Jürgen Bauer - Problems under Flatmates

Tuesday, September 18. 2007

One of the most fascinating pieces of Fan-Art I’ve stumbled on during the last year. His name is Jürgen – Jürgen Bauer and he has to solve a lot of problems that arouse with his flatmates. Starting from sanitary problems up to not cleaned Kindermilchschnittepapierle. It’s a parody to 24 where Jack becomes Jürgen – the Swabian head of an apartment sharing community. Unluckily 20th century Fox keeps on deleting the clips from Youtube, but you should not miss the yet available four parts! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

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Bottle art - sponge bob

Tuesday, September 11. 2007

Having a crate of beer may lead to the most different kinds of results. We all remember the pictures, where drunks were set up in circles of bottles or we recall all those different bets that where part of the TV show "Wetten Dass?", where crates have been stapled and climbed or pyramids of beer were built. The last days I discovered another way, how people have messed up with beer. Someone obviously gave the empty beer bottle to his child to let it be ornamented. Either it was just a testing subject, or the result was unwanted. Anyway, the engraved bottle made it back into the refilling cycle, and landed in my crate of Kulmbacher beer.

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