Last chance to see

Monday, October 19. 2009

Douglas Adam's "Last chance to see" is one of my favorite books. Last week I found the following video. It is about one of the animals covered in the book and it is hilarious!

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Malaysia in the news

Wednesday, September 6. 2006 LS Malaysia

Heavy TrafficI enjoy reading news from Malaysia in German news. Unluckily only very few news make it to Europe, but within the last days three reports made it to Germany. The first one is not very spectacular if you know the Malay way to handle traffic tickets. You just don’t handle them! Somehow the Malay government has not yet established a sufficient way to claim the money for issued traffic tickets. So people just don’t care too much about them. So all they can do is to animate people to pay for those tickets “voluntary”. But with the high prices for fuel most of the Malay people don’t feel like additionally paying for their traffic rule infringements. Now they try to get at least some money by lowering the fees for the traffic tickets up to seventy percent! This is also a way to prevent corruption – since policemen are not paid to well it is often cheaper to “buy the cop” than to pay for a ticket… I could tell you a few stories about that… One of them tells my blogger-friend Josh here.

The second and third news are about Malaysia’s animal world. Animals in Malaysia can be quite hungry, I’m not talking about hungry mosquitoes, but about bigger animals. First there was a crocodile on Sabah which deported a boy who was taking a bath in a wild river and later a huge python made it to eat up a whole sheep!

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