Jürgen Bauer - Problems under Flatmates

Tuesday, September 18. 2007

One of the most fascinating pieces of Fan-Art I’ve stumbled on during the last year. His name is Jürgen – Jürgen Bauer and he has to solve a lot of problems that arouse with his flatmates. Starting from sanitary problems up to not cleaned Kindermilchschnittepapierle. It’s a parody to 24 where Jack becomes Jürgen – the Swabian head of an apartment sharing community. Unluckily 20th century Fox keeps on deleting the clips from Youtube, but you should not miss the yet available four parts! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

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24 – 1st season

Saturday, May 7. 2005

I bought the 1st season of 24 about two weeks ago, when I was shopping at Low Yat Plaza. Originally I didn’t want to buy that specific series, because I was told that it would get you addicted pretty fast, and I wanted to get something, where you are not tempted to see the whole season in one evening. But since I couldn’t get the 1st season of CSI Miami, I ended up with 24.

The first season covers one day in the life of an government agent called “Jack Bauer” who works for a special “Counter Terrorist unit”, and his assignment is to protect a senator who is about to run for the presidency of the U.S.. So the main plot seems to be very simple: good guy defends other good guy against bed guys. But of course it wouldn’t be possible to fill 24 episodes if it wouldn’t get more complicated. So of course Jack’s family get’s involved, and the senators family plays an imported role etc. Since there are several strands of the plot, the viewer is kept under permanent tension, and is permanently curious, what will happen next.

Until now I have watched the season until episode 21, and i'm really tempted to go home and watch the season final, but since I overcam my TV addiction long before I will resist, and wait until Dirk and I can see the final together.

I enjoyed every second of the season so far, and to have it happen in real time gives it quite a special touch. So if you are bored and you want to see a thrilling series, 24 could be your choice.

(Jay's Rating: 5/5)

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