Out for the Frequency-Festival

Leaving this afternoon I will be heading head for Salzburg, to visit the Frequency-Festival, which takes place at the Salzburgring this week. Headliners are Nine Inch Nails, Die Ärzte and Tool. But of course there a lot of really good bands on stage. I’m looking forward to see: Kaiser Chiefs, Billy Talent, Groove Armada, Klaxons and Fall Out Boy!

Like for the Southside festival I will be there sent by Feki.de to give the users there a nice coverage of the event. Unluckily I don’t have nice company like last time. But visiting a festival on your own will be fun, too ;-). I will try to give you some live coverage through moblogging here, but I’m not sure how often I will manage to do this, since the costs sending from Austria might be quite high.

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