Questionnaire 2006

I had this meme last year, and I thought it might be nice to answer it again. Last year it was dominated by issues during my stay in Malaysia. Guess this year it's a little less extraordinary.

  • Gained or lost weight? – Don't know, don't care - my friends still consider me skinny.
  • Hair – shorter or longer?Even longer than last year!
  • Short-sighted or far-sighted? – Applying to my eyesight everything still seems to be perfect.
  • Spent more or less than 2006? – Guess I've spent less than 2005 - but this was not difficult.
  • Most crazy plan in 2006?
    – Carrying out this party.
  • Most dangerous undertaking?Riding down the downhill slope in Laax after more than one beer.
  • The best Sex? – No comment on that issue.
  • Most expensive acquisition? – Didn't buy too much stuff. But the 620GB of external HDD space did cost a few bucks.
  • Most delicious meal?
    – I think I'll put the Sushi Katrin and I cooked for the running dinner!
  • Most impressive book? – Gabor Steingart - Weltkrieg um Wohlstand. Read my review here.
  • Most moving movie?
    – I laughed a lot watching "Thank you for smoking" but "Casino Royal" was definately the most thrilling movie last year.
  • Best CD? – Fußball WM 2006 Kult Hits
  • Best Concert? – I didn't visit many concerts during the last year, Audio1 probably might count as a nice concert - but nothing extraordinary here. But I've watched Depeche Mode's performance at Rock am Ring at the TV - it was great!
  • Spent the most time with...? – Not working on my diploma thesis.
  • Spent the best time with...? – Really hard to answer.. there are several candidate with whom I spent great times during the year. Seen over the whole year I'll put Katrin here.
  • Dominating feeling in 2006? – Optimism.
  • Did for the first time in 2006? – Visited the legendary 1st of May celebration in Ampferbach.
  • Did again after a long time?
  • Three things I could very well have done without? - This, the bad cold I caught in September and this.
  • Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody of? – Sometimes you can only make progress by risking something.
  • The best present I gave to someone? - Time, when there was no time.
  • The best present I got from someone? – Hard to tell, probably one of my readers can add something here.
  • Nicest sentence that someone said to me? – "You are very important for me."
  • Nicest sentence I said to someone? – Don't know.
  • 2006 in one word: – Roller coaster.

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