Kingdom of Heaven

The setting is Jerusalem in the 12th century, Christians reign Jerusalem in an unstable peace with the Muslims ready to move and some Templers stirring up trouble. This is the time when young Balian (who originally is a blacksmith) is about to succeed his father as a perfect knight. The Story is based on historical facts, and as far as I know the author of the script didn’t mess around with it too much. The effects and the setting of the movie are really impressive, you can really feel like being in 12th century Jerusalem, and the grand finale with the siege of Jerusalem guarantees decent action.

The one thing I definitely won’t forget about this movie are Eva Green’s eyes. Didn’t hear about her until this movie, but if you look into her eyes when she plays Princess Sybilla you will fall in love with her character for sure. The rest of the movie was in my eyes nothing special. Well done and with a brilliant scenario. But i couldn't see something really overwhelming.

(Jay’s Rating 3/5)

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