Irritation of the intercostal muscles

Returning from Tuscany I was suffering a terrible cold. Guess it was the flu, who kept me in bed for several days. Anyway, I got it back to bronchitis, and it wasn’t that bad anymore. Except that pain in my chest while coughing. Today I finally went to a doctor who diagnosed above.. “nothing to worry about” and if it won’t get better I can come again next Monday… Dammit - I don’t think I’m very sensitive to pain, but this damn aching made me spend 10€ fee at the doctor's – just to be told that that can happen, and that there is nothing to worry about? *grml*

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  1. Questionnaire 2006

    I had this meme last year, and I thought it might be nice to answer it again. Last year it was dominated by issues during my stay in Malaysia. Guess this year it's a little less extraordinary.Gained or lost weight? – Don't know, don't care - my friends


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