Miami Vice 2006 OST

Although I didn’t manage to see the movie (yet?), I got myself the soundtrack to this remake of the old TV-Series. In my opinion gangster-movies playing in Miami always tend do have a very promising soundtrack. I liked the original Miami Vice Score, and I was not disappointed by Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. A short view on interprets of the Miami Vice score were sufficient to convince me that it was worth getting it: Moby, Mogwai, Emilio Estefan.

The first track a cover of Phil Collins “In the Air tonight” is a very powerful, rock-like cover with some strong guitar reefs. In contrast to this carrying along track Moby (featuring the beautiful voice of Patti LaBelle) achieves a more pensive mood with the track “One of these Moments”. Moby’s second track “Anthem” is pretty much more powerful. Although some sound elements remind me to “why does my heart feel so bad” the whole track adds up to an energetic Anthem.

Mogwai also contributed two tracks to the soundtrack. “We’re No here” strikes with it’s heavy rock sound surrounding the listener with deep melancholy. “Auto Rock” starts a very light weighted, but ends in a similar heavy finale. Those two tracks are not necessarily suited if you are seeking for easy listening but thoroughly recommendable.

Amongst the other tracks of the soundtrack Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” (remixed by Felix da Housecat) could win my heart. Some might describe the main melody as nervous or being naffing but in my opinion it is just irregular enough to be trendy.

The other tracks are what they are – part of a decent soundtrack. Overall I’m missing the Remix of Jan Hammer’s “Crockett’s Theme”, which I had to get on a Single separately. If they had just out this track onto the Soundtrack I’d recommend it being a must have. But the described tracks above are very nice to listen to, but just not enough to convince somebody of the whole album.

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  1. Florian L. Mayer says:

    *Hey Jay - das Beste aus dem Film ist ja gar nicht auf dem OST drauf: Dein Namensvetter Jay-Z und Linkin Park mit "Numb/Encore"!
    Zum Film: kommt nur im großen Kino mit fettem Sound gut - die Handlung ist nämlich murks. Aber die Autos/Boote/Flugzeuge/Landschaft/Mojitos... reicht.

    Schade übrigens von Deinem Abflug aus Bamberg zu hören - wann ist die Abschiedspartey?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Ich sollte den Film doch endlich mal anschauen.. Numb/Encore is in der Tat ein feiner Track. Da hab ich mir damals auch das ganze Jay-Z vs. Linkin Park Album gekauft!

    Noch is ja nix fix mit Abflug. Schaumermoll, dann werma scho seng!

  3. Sabine says:

    *Hm, Felix da Housecat - fällt das auch schon unter Katzencontent?

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Glaub net, dass sich Felix gerne zu den Vierbeindern zählen lassen würde.. Schreib ihm doch mal ne Mail..

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