Sandkerwa – Day 4 – Los Chicolores / An evening with two remarkable girls

Los Chicolores Haas SäleFor Sunday the Haas-Säle offered something special in contrary to the usual DJ-Parties – one of the most favoured local Bands was playing live there! I arrived quite late at the Kerwa, but you can’t just be there 24/7 (that’s also the reason why I missed the Fischerstechen at the afternoon – I just needed a break!). The performance was really good, and I enjoyed there music. I then went to meet Kerstin and Katrin, with whom I did spent most of the remaining evening. First we toured through the Sandstraße – stopping at the Nelson for some of the tasty liquors there – and later we ended up at the Haas-Säle (of course I had to take some pictures there once more).

girlsSince my girls met some “sweet” swiss guys we went different ways afterwards. Instead of joining to party at the overcrowded Cali, I went for a beer to the cm. This time I didn’t have any trouble to be let in – but I was disappointed when I got down into the club – only two handful of people there – no one at the dance floor. So I left after one beer wanting to have a short glimpse at the discotheque Hörsaal, there I met the manager and had a discussion about this issue.

Header picture sandkerwa P.S. The dynasty of the wyrd sisters, who occupied my blog header for over a month, is over. Currently there is a very recent picture taken at the Sandkerwa there.

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