Holiday! Celebrate!

Borgo delle MoreThe next highlight this year will be the holiday with my parents in Italy. Once more we will explore the beauties of Tuscany. Two years ago we have spent a really great week in September. Although it made me miss a lot of the actions related to our nude calendar. This year we will stay at the beautiful Borgo delle More from the 16.9.-23.9.. Preparing myself for this event I finally sorted through the pictures I took in 2004 and they are now available here.

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  1. 40 day – 40 pages

    This will be my project until the 15th of September. In order to really enjoy the holidays with my parents I have set my goal to finish the first chapters of my thesis until the middle of September. It’s an ambitious goal – especially regarding my product

  2. Yes, I’m dreaming of a summer holiday…

    …ocean breezes and the sky’s so blue. I won’t be at the seaside on Tuscany, but I’m hoping for blue skies Tonight I’ll be off for that holiday with my parents. So tonight around 10pm we are goign to saddle my fathers car and start for Tuscany! Don’t know


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