Bierkeller #2 – Ampferbach

Ampferbach festival groundsI got to admit that the visit to the Ampferbach beer garden today can’t be regarded as a ordinary beer garden visit. Since it is the first of May, which is a public holiday in Germany, and since there is a big festival at the brewery on this day, it is definitely a place to be. Unable to convince the girls of the challenge to visit the beer garden which is located some 10km outside of Bamberg via bicycle, we went there by car. But we didn’t have a problem to enjoy the local Max-Bock beer without going through endless endeavours before ;-).

picnicWe enjoyed to picnic at the festival grounds, and had a good time meeting a lot of friends there: Everywhere, where there are huge quantities of beer involved you can be sure that there will be a lot of students, too ;-). So it was no wonder meet a few people of the USI at the festival grounds. I also met Dirk and Jörg and our local DJ God - DJ Hammer! And many many more.. But I was not able to get pictures of everyone.

So it was a very pleasant and relaxed afternoon, which was definately caused by the good weather and my friendly company. For me personal I don't regret to spend the evening at home.. I heard some stories, that the evening did end quite bad for some of the other guests at Ampferbach, who had some more beers in Bamberg...

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