Bamberg – a den of thieves?

Statistics say that if there is a probability for a certain occasion to happen, and it can happen to you more than one time – after it happened to you – the probability will NOT change. But out of psychological reasons the probability might feel lower. Why should it happen to me again? Well it happened to me again…
About 2 years ago my bike was stolen out of some backyard at the Memmelsdorfer Str.. The Bike at that time was not in a too good shape. But it had a lot of personal value to me, since I had owned it for years. The bike was also locked. But obviously this didn’t keep someone from stealing it. This weekend it happened to me again. My Bike was stolen some days ago between Saturday morning 3am and Sunday afternoon from the front of my flat at the Memmelsdorfer Str.. Now I’m Pedestrian again...
You may write your condolences as comments under this post, and donations for a new bike are welcome at my account with the Sparkasse Bayreuth, BLZ 773 501 10, Acct. Number 72 43 44

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