Does blogging in English limit my creativity?

That’s the though that came into my mind, while I was thinking about some issues in german. I then asked myself why I just don’t write those thoughts down, and realized, that they were indeed “thought in German”. When I usually develop a blog entry I keep on building English sentences, I use my known English vocabulary, and the phrases that just pass into my mind, and add them to an article. If there is something I want to express, where a building block is missing – my mind will just produce a German word, for which I then can search for an adequate translation. Since I have got a very good dictionary installed, which can run in the background very well, this is just a task of a few seconds, and I can produce an English text.

Let’s make a short SWOT analyzes on me blogging in English:

  • Non German Friends and colleagues can participate in the Blog, too.
  • Usage of the English language will be trained
  • My parents and friends with weak English skills will only understand parts of the Blog.
  • It will take longer to produce articles in English
  • Cannot express thoughts as easily as in German
  • Possibility to get a better reflection on articles
  • Attract more readers from all over the world
  • Produce just crappy text with a lot of errors
  • Wordpuns or literally high sophisticated concepts cannot be expressed

Well indeed I think from time to time that it would just be easier to write down the thoughts in German, but I think this is often just a temporary feeling, since I sometimes just switch back thinking in German. This happens especially at occurrences where some German phrase or a part of a songtext hit my mind like before the memory of the song “Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii” (this is a German song, which is often played on Bier-festivals, like the Oktoberfest the translated text means “There is now beer on Hawaii, so we stay here”). But I think there are far more English song titles that come into my mind. So, this isn’t a qualified indicator.. I might even spontaneously recall some Spanish phrases (No! Esa oveja no es mia!). So I think every language I speak just enriches my vocabulary.
Using a Language where I’m not a native speaker might not allow me each and every possibility of self expression, but therefore it enriches the above mentioned vocabulary. I decided to use English without this thorough considerations, because I wanted to reach English speaking friends, too. But even this deeper look into it makes me feel, that it was not a bad decision. (There is only pity I feel for my parents, who are most probable not able to follow my expositions.)


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