Advent calendar - 22 - You are my sunshine

Tuesday, December 22. 2009

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Advent calendar - 9 - Ring ring

Wednesday, December 9. 2009

Who's there? Vielleicht ist es der Weihnachtsmann und bringt nen Kasten Bier? Since there should be a sufficient stock of beer in the fridge, Santa can bring something more useful. I promised it more than once, but didn't find the time to implement.. But here we go (after the break)

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Advent calendar - 7 - Happy X-Mas songs

Monday, December 7. 2009

Today I bring you a collection of my favorite Christmas songs (The CD is hidden on the whiteboard behind little Jay). Songlist and Youtube links (if available) after the break.

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diigo - social bookmarking v3.0

Wednesday, January 28. 2009

If you thought just sending your bookmarks to the web and use tags to categorize themwas state of the art, then you are at least living one year in the past! I was until I did a little research today on how to organize bookmarks for our workgroup. Meanwhile bookmarked pages get cached, you may add notes, and share them to your private group. Where? have a look at

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Top20 PS2 games list

Wednesday, January 7. 2009

Just discovered this list containing a list of 20 very good PS2 games. Since I own a PS2 quite interesting. I'm also currently selling some PS2 stuff: The games Singstar Turkish Party, Singstar Deutsch Rock-Pop Vol.2, and an original Sony Memory Card 8MB. The games are only used once, and the Memory Card is still unused games 20 each, card 15, if you are interested, just drop me a line.

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Don't support Game-Killers

Friday, September 5. 2008

Today informed about an interesting campaign initiated by a Bavarian professional journal about computer games. The magazine asks all gamers to write to their local delegates of the CSU (the governing party in Bavaria) that they won’t support their anti-computer games policy and therefore won’t vote for them in the upcoming elections. Politicians of the CSU have continued to ask for further restrictions concerning protection of minors.

I think the political discussion about “Killer games” is very unreasonable. Many of the people discussing never actually played those games. Germany already has the strongest laws for the protection of minors in Europe; I really wouldn’t want to see any more restrictions. So all you Bavarians out there, got to this page, participate, and show our local politicians, what you think!

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Monday, May 12. 2008

pacific coast

Sorry, for the German title and attached German song, but sometimes I can't avoid to bring content in my native language ;-) I've got us a new header picture yesterday night. It shows the Pacific coast of the US taken from scenic road #1 somewhere south of Monterey. The day it was taken was one of the last hot summerdays I've had in my US holidays. Afterwards, the weather became colder.

Got to admit, that I missed the great wheather, for a while, although the skiing holiday one week later was equal fun. Guess I can't decide, whether I'm a summer or a winter guy. But well - do I have to? At the moment I really enjoy the summery wheather. But for the days the weather won't be so nice, I've attached the video!

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Free download of new NIN-Album "The Slip"

Tuesday, May 6. 2008

Trent Reznor did it again. After giving away their last Album "Ghosts" away almost for free. NIN has now released their newest album "The Slip" under a Creative Commons license. Encouraging all fans to remix the tracks! On the band’s official website Trent Reznor writes:

(thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one's on me)

So obviously he was quite happy with the support of the last album. According to it sold pretty well, and brought a revenue of 1.600.000 USD after two weeks time.

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